im a figure sk8r n im going to lake placid 4 tranning shuld i take my zuca bag or a suit-case 4 my skates?

ice princess says:

so im going to lake placid to skate with pros and i am packing and my mom says i shouldn't bring my zuca bag but me n my dad think i should. and i want to bring it because you never know if i need it or not and if ur a figure skater u kno y but... says: They won't let your skates on the plane! They dont allow sharp objects :( Me and my team travel alot and we have to pack them in carry on. For this I would use a suitcase, I would put your skates...

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Zuca: rollaboard luggage with drawers doubles as a chair

Speaking of bags and luggage, Ben Hammersley swears by the Zuca Pro, an overhead-legal rollaboard bag that you ... especially if you pre-packed a bunch of them like travel cartridges ("beach," "business meeting," "in-room coffee stuff") and stacked them ...

ZÜCA Pro Carry-on Luggage

They expanded their line to include the Zuca Pro, a cool-looking carry-on bag for travel. Outside the bag is a heavy-duty anodized aluminum alloy frame that can be used as a seat when you’re stuck in long security lines. The telescoping handle is 41 ...

For those on the road, Zuca carries the load

The Pro starts at $235. CUSTOMERS: Three main segments: road warriors, students and athletes. Zuca products are sold direct to consumers via the Web site as well as distributed to specialty retailers in the sporting goods, travel and office ...

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Fall Beauty Report Sometimes days can have long stretches of time in-between shows. This is always the perfect time to curate my social media account and prepare for anything from the weather to travel. It's a crazy few weeks in New York so getting the proper amount of

7 Innovative Carry-On Bags for the Modern Traveler Although not quite as durable as the steel Sit-On-It Carry All, the Zuca Pro's aluminum frame can support up to 300 pounds and makes a great seat. Additionally, like the Rise Travel suitcase, the Zuca Pro aims to lessen the hassle associated with

ZÜCA's Popularity with Women Spurs Corporate Commitment Hundreds of videos started popping up on YouTube featuring women who wanted to share what was in their makeup kit, how they packed their travel bag, or how ZÜCA was their favorite holiday gift of the season. In October of 2008, “Positively Pink” was

椅子にも作業台にも! 津田大介の究極スーツケース そんなときネットを見ていたら、ZUCAというカバンに出合った。いろいろ検索してみるとコラムニストの勝谷誠彦さんがZUCAの愛用者で、有料メールマガジンでおすすめしていたらしい。勝谷さんはかなりのカバン道楽らしく、何十個も持っているけれども、たどり着いた究極の移動 

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