Traveling to Henry Doorly zoo?

H.H says:

i am going to be traveling about 20 hours to the henry doorly zoo in NEbraska. I am OH so excited to see it (: I have never been there before, and would like to know what is there (special features, etc.) and also i am a HUGE fan of foood! what...

ms bell says: Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo is awesome! The penguins are so cute. Scott Aquarium at the zoo is fantastic. They have one of those dome-shaped aquariums that you can look above your head and see fish...

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Video: Watch San Francisco Zoo's baby giraffe at 9 days old

She stands 5 feet 10 inches tall ... is just a baby. The baby giraffe was born May 22, the daughter of Kirstin and Floyd, both 11-year-old reticulated giraffes. The as-yet-unnamed giraffe made her debut Friday, at 9 days old, in the African ...

Kelly: Travel website hails Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo as largest in world

Joan Squires, president of Omaha Performing Arts, will be honored Monday as the Omaha Press Club's latest Face on the Barroom Floor. Joan, who oversees the Holland Performing Arts Center and Orpheum Theater, came to Omaha in 2002. A cocktail ...

Cameron Park Zoo in Waco Texas

The original zoo (Central Texas Zoological Park) in Waco was founded in 1955. In 1989, a county- wide bond was issued to enlarge the zoo and construct a 52-acre locale in Cameron Park along the Brazos River for the brand new zoo (The Cameron Park Zoo).

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Air travel has become a real zoo Many people who fly would agree that airline travel has gone to the dogs. And in some cases, they mean it literally. In the past few years, too many passengers have stretched the meaning of service animals that do vital jobs for their owners to include

South Carolina Zoo Needs Your Help Naming This Baby Giraffe Submissions will be taken through Thursday, February 8 at noon, Eastern standard time. The zoo will announce the winner at a news conference Friday, at 10:00 a.m.. At the moment, the zoo is closed for routine maintenance, but will open again to the

OKC Zoo employees travel to Africa in pursuit of elusive animal Sitting in an Oklahoma City Zoo auditorium last year, Trisha McDonald got the spark that would send her on the adventure of her life. McDonald listened as Greg Rasmussen, considered the world's leading expert on African painted dogs, spoke passionately

Metro's Visitor Venues: Economic driver and employer of thousands Travel is a primary driver of economic growth and job creation in the United States. Oxford Economics reports that growth in travel and tourism employment in a destination tends to be followed by a 1.5 percent rise in broader employment. Nationwide, 15

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