questions about zebras??

me(: says:

what do zebras eat? what habits do zebras have? I also need lots of information. the best answer gets 10 points!!!! 10 POINTS!!!!!!!!

Area Woman says: Zebras are herbivores. They can eat all sorts of brush and grasses, including some grasses that are too tough for other animals to bother with. They look roly poly because they have big, barrel...


Kenya Gazette

The Kenya Gazette is an official publication of the government of the Republic of Kenya. It contains notices of new legislation, notices required to be published by law or policy as well as other announcements that are published for general public information. It is published every week, usually on Friday, with occasional releases of special or supplementary editions within the week.

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Adventist couple handle life, death spectrum

And while working as a pediatric nurse for about 38 years ... It's definitely been a blessing." Lisa Gilbert of Arlington Heights is the new membership director at the Schaumburg Business Association. ... Deborah Yeazel is the new senior ...

Royal Society Winton Prize for Science Books longlist announced

These signals are produced by some amazing proteins that sit at the forefront of current scientific research ... Twenty thousand fungal spores and half a million bacteria travel in a square foot of summer air. The chemical sense of aphids ...

Quit Your Job! Living With the Wild Things, Without Compromise

I knew about diesel engines and boats and solar-power systems and plumbing from my diverse experiences up to ... But here in Africa, she's got some weird neurotoxin thing from a bug bite that makes her feel like she's choking. She isn't really really ...

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an unyielding grip Zebra mussels are not the only invasive species appearing in Minnesota's waters, but their rapid spread poses an increasingly dire threat to the state's $5 billion-a-year summer tourism and fishing economy, as well as the cherished lake experience

17 crazy cheap baby products that work like they're expensive Safety 1st Smooth Ride Travel System: Travel systems can easily cost hundreds, even thousands, of dollars, which is why this bargain-priced set is such a happy surprise. Available in sophisticated colors like lavender (Safety 1st calls it “Wisteria

Scovill Zoo welcomes new howler monkey baby, zebras A baby's light fur helps them blend into their mothers while they're small, providing protection from predators. Howler monkeys typically relax by sitting in a hunched-over position, with their tails tucked around their bodies, and that makes seeing

PHOTOS: New baby zebra 'healthy, active and exploring' exhibit at Little Rock Zoo A new baby zebra is now on exhibit at the Little Rock Zoo, officials said Wednesday. Little Rock Zoo Director Susan Altrui said in a statement that the male zebra was born Aug. 29 and introduced to its exhibit three days later. Zoo workers and visitors

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