How do you clean screens without pulling the mesh out of the frame?

sw-in-gardener says: I use Windex-Outdoors several times a year. It attaches to your garden hose and just spray and rinse. NO removing the screens and the windows get a light washing also. When they really need...

Crows as Pets: The African Pied Crow, a Most Intelligent Bird

Hello, Frank Indiviglio here. My fascination with Corvids (crows, ravens, jays and their relatives) began in childhood, when I cared for injured American Crows and Blue Jays. In time, I was able to work with their exotic relatives at the Bronx Zoo, and was thrilled to observe the antics of Japan’s famous tool-using Carrion Crows (please see article below) in the wild. Possessed of...

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Trib Tested - Windex Outdoor All-In-One Glass Cleaning Tool

The packaging does indicate it fits standard extension poles ... Why send in a tool when a toy will do• Like an eraser on a chalkboard, the Windex pad made quick work of cleaning the doors, and the edge of the pad nicely slid into the crevice where ...

Tips for cleaning the siding on your home

wait, keep that shot. you look like the female bob the builder, with this barely on your head. you look like you're going to temple. >> i don't know. we're going here. we're going to go here first. we're going to talking about cleaning outside.

SC Johnson comes clean

Last month, I reported on a major lawsuit being filed against Procter & Gamble, Colgate-Palmolive and two other major manufacturers of household cleaning products. The suit — being filed in New York on behalf of six state and national environmental and ...

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How to Develop and Streamline Your Sanitation Protocols True story: Along with a standard thank-you note, I once mailed a bottle of Windex to a Cornell University administrator who had interviewed me for a management position. The bottle was bedecked in a gold bow. I asked her to give it to an hourly

Consumer Reports reveals the 10 best household glass cleaners There can be few things more irksome than staring out at a perfectly placed window or glass door and noticing streaks all over the surface. But as it is with most basic household items, figuring out which glass cleaner is the most effective can be a

Woman's touch: Taxidermist makes art out of wildlife Then there's the finishing touch to improve clarity: a spritz of Windex and wipe with a Q-tip. Eyes are what show life in an otherwise lifeless animal. They're the difference between mediocre and excellent taxidermy. And for Kim Lutz, a Lander

How to Buy a Knife That'll Last the Rest of Your Life Let's go ahead and assume this is a knife for the outdoors, which means it should be a fixed blade, rather than a folding knife. Free of moving parts, a fixed-blade knife is designed to be as strong and reliable as possible. But not all fixed-blade

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