How to make a military welcome home sheet banner?

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I am having me and my son use hand prints and foot prints in red and blue paint on a white flat sheet to make a welcome home sign for deployment. What type of paint should I use? And how do I go about hanging it?.. Do I cut holes and use rope...

PlanB™ says: Here's a fun idea, if you have the space, (Preferably outdoors) use a spray paint - Or.. just make sure the room is aerated enough! - (2 large matt cans would be plenty enough to write "Welcome...

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Outdoor Signs Suppliers serving Indiana

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LED Outdoor Signs in Western Pennsylvania

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Outdoors: Welcome to your world, Ellie

On the way to the hospital, I saw a red fox cross the road. It was 3 a.m., and in my sleep-deprived state, I thought it was worth a comment. “Hey look,” I told your mother, “that was a red fox.” Normally, the fox was something she would have ...

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Bragging Rights/Outdoor Activities BRAGGING RIGHTS: On the morning of Feb. 11, Napa's John McMenamin finally caught a 19-inch striped bass in the Napa River at Cuttings Wharf using cut anchovies bought at the Fisherman Barn at Cuttings Wharf. Submitted photo. Facebook · Twitter · Email

Otters making a welcome return to Texas waterways Sadly, one sign of that range expansion is the growing number of otters killed by vehicles, he said. Many of the insights into otters' apparent increase come from reports of road-killed otters in areas where the animals have not been documented for

More Boy Scout camps will be open to girls this summer | Outdoors ... The Boy Scouts of America is putting out the welcome mat for girls, too, at more of its summer camps this year.

Outdoors calendar: Long-distant hiker to share highs, lows of adventure on Buckeye Trail The Western Gate Chapter of the Florida Trail Association is sponsoring a program and book signing by Andy "Captain Blue" Niekamp from Dayton, Ohio. Niekamp will present "Thru-Hiking the Buckeye Trail: Things That Will Change the Way You See Ohio" at 7

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