How to make a military welcome home sheet banner?

Bre says:

I am having me and my son use hand prints and foot prints in red and blue paint on a white flat sheet to make a welcome home sign for deployment. What type of paint should I use? And how do I go about hanging it?.. Do I cut holes and use rope...

PlanB™ says: Here's a fun idea, if you have the space, (Preferably outdoors) use a spray paint - Or.. just make sure the room is aerated enough! - (2 large matt cans would be plenty enough to write "Welcome...

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Outdoor Signs Suppliers serving Indiana

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Outdoors: Welcome to your world, Ellie

On the way to the hospital, I saw a red fox cross the road. It was 3 a.m., and in my sleep-deprived state, I thought it was worth a comment. “Hey look,” I told your mother, “that was a red fox.” Normally, the fox was something she would have ...

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New Olympic National Park sign welcomes in language you might ... "ʔənʔá č'ə́yəxʷ Olympic National Park." That's part of the message you'll see on a new welcome sign that's under construction near the park's main visitor 

These three outdoor adventures in Whatcom County will entertain and educate your family this summer The five-acre island in Chuckanut Bay is accessible only by boat or kayak, so if you own neither you'll want to sign up for an island kayak excursion with MoonDance Kayak (; 360-738-7664) or rent kayaks and life vests from a vendor in

What's Happening Outdoors: May 18, 2017 Sign up or make a donation online at Beware of road damage on forest roads. The National Forest service cautioned visitors this week to be aware of extensive damage to roads in the Gifford 

5-20-17 5-7am The Outdoor Show.mp3 Yeah how we don't you say welcome into the outdoor show off broadcasting on the road today we took it and wrote out to blow the loose along with us this morning is palpable rivals in the curriculum that you care. Thank you I'm glad to be here out of

Versatility of graduates from KVCC highlighted in commencement ceremony Saturday morning The keynote speaker, Poliquin, a Waterville native, spoke of the different industries — health care, manufacturing, construction — that would welcome the new pool of talent coming out of Augusta Saturday morning. Before the commencement ceremony

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