How to make a military welcome home sheet banner?

Bre says:

I am having me and my son use hand prints and foot prints in red and blue paint on a white flat sheet to make a welcome home sign for deployment. What type of paint should I use? And how do I go about hanging it?.. Do I cut holes and use rope...

PlanB™ says: Here's a fun idea, if you have the space, (Preferably outdoors) use a spray paint - Or.. just make sure the room is aerated enough! - (2 large matt cans would be plenty enough to write "Welcome...

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Outdoor Signs Suppliers serving Indiana

Custom manufacturer of outdoor signs. Indoor and outdoor LED electronic message units and display boards available. Capabilities include installation and maintenance. Suitable for automotive, restaurant, hotel, bank, healthcare and store applications.

LED Outdoor Signs in Western Pennsylvania

Distributor of outdoor LED signs. Various types include bank, parking, airport, hospital, university and clearance signs. Custom signs are also available. Various features include conveying and flashing messages, replacement parts, sockets, lamps ...

Outdoors: Welcome to your world, Ellie

On the way to the hospital, I saw a red fox cross the road. It was 3 a.m., and in my sleep-deprived state, I thought it was worth a comment. “Hey look,” I told your mother, “that was a red fox.” Normally, the fox was something she would have ...

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BLOG: Potash Mountain trailhead ready (I've not seen any posted signs here, and I have always been of the opinion that if it's not posted, might as well wander around.) But with the recent creation of a parking lot off Potash Road and a "welcome" sign, and ribbons marking a trail, it

Outdoors calendar for Lancaster County, week starting Oct. 21 From 10 a.m.-noon, in the Environmental Center of Lancaster County Central Park. Naturalist Mary Ann Schlegel will lead Brownie Girl Scouts in completing badge requirements which include learning about trail signs, maps and gear before heading off on a 

SCHOOL OF THE WEEK: Ty Sign Primary School THE first thing you notice as you walk into Ty Sign Primary School is the buzz of energy amongst the pupils and staff. Behind the school gates lies a special place that offers a warm welcome and an energy that is infections. The primary school prides

Recreation and outdoors calendar (Oct. 8) Admission is free, and visitors are welcome. Details: Contact Mark DeHoff at US Powerboat Show Sign-up starts at 11:30 a.m. Ammunition is provided. $3 per shot, 12-gauge only, full-choke max. New shooters welcome. Details: 

Hunting requires research, patience, flexibility — and a willingness to fail Welcome to hunting season. It's an exciting time to be outdoors. You can hear the shrill bugle of a bull elk piercing the chilly morning air. You can see a flock of ducks drop out of a pink sky, or feel your heart nearly erupt from your chest when a

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