Outdoor Wedding + NikonD40.. help!?

Donna H says:

I just got a call from a friend asking me to take pics at her mom's wedding in 2 DAYS! Obviously it's short notice & I'm scared; I've never done "pro" photography before and weddings are so important and special. Unfortunately I don't have a...

Ara57 says: If the wedding is outdoors in daylight you shouldn't have much trouble with blur from camera shake. Even if overcast your shutter speed should stay up at least above 1/60 or 1/125. Meter the...

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Making your guests feel comfortable and welcomed during your outdoor wedding

When your guests take time to come out, find their seat, wait anxiously ... only to get up in 5 minutes--it diminishes the importance of your ceremony! Also, don't forget about water or passed thirst quenchers. Talk to the venue and make sure ...

I do! 10 gorgeous outdoor wedding destinations

Written by: Brett Ackroyd on May 20, 2013. Having a wedding outdoors is an ambitious and flamboyant choice, yes, but there are plenty of reasons for risking the weather.* First off, in the wedding-one-upmanship game (let’s not pretend we don’t play it ...

5 Stunning Villas Turned Wedding Venues

Romance is just waiting to bloom at Villa Botanica in Queensland, Australia. Overlooking Pioneer Bay on the edge of the Coral Sea, this ultra-private venue runs along five acres of coastline for spectacular views and even better photo ops.

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What is a humanist wedding? It gives people the freedom to get married outdoors, or wherever they would like, in particular, places that are not licensed for civil weddings. There is flexibility with a humanist ceremony to build the occasion around the couple, and get to know the

How to Host the Quintessential New England Wedding But even if a chill creeps in, no New England wedding weekend is complete without taking advantage of the great outdoors. “Outdoor fire cooking is huge right now, especially in Vermont,” says MacMillan. “Welcoming guests with a Friday night barbecue, 

Weekend weather details for graduation parties, weddings and fun outdoors Sounds like there are a lot of graduation parties, weddings and other fun activities planned this weekend in Michigan. Mother Nature is mostly going to be very nice to us for our outdoor fun. The warmest day this weekend will be Sunday. It won't be

8 Details We Loved From Diana Ross's Son's Wedding The Naess's wedding rehearsal, like the rest of their wedding, was held outdoors in front of a beautiful California backdrop. The dinner sat between an array of palm trees connected by whimsical strung lights that brightened up the beautiful evening.

Rainy days cancel family fun, other outdoor events A lot of weddings have also had to be moved inside that were originally planned to be held on the outside. Our son-in-law's sister recently had an outdoor wedding. Thankfully, they were able to get all the way through her ceremony before it started

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