Maxi cosi - twin travel system?

Dmitri says:

I am expecting twins and am researching twin travel systems. I am unable to find any systems for twins that use the maxi cosi car seats, which have been recommended to me. I am keen to use maxi cosi as I want to use iso-fix in my car. Can...

4kidsandstressed says: I have 15 month old twins and I just brought two 0-4 car seats and I am planning to by maxi-riders for them in june when they are 18 months old. but it is up to you i just found it easier to buy...

Tropical Storm Andrea Pushes Toward Florida (east coast soaking next 48 hours)

Why? Proving cause and effect is tricky, but I still think this tortured weather pattern may be linked to record melting in the Arctic last fall - which seems to have thrown the jet stream out of alignment. A 2012 research paper by Francis & Vavrus shows a 14 percent drop in the speed of upper level winds since 1979 as far northern latitudes warm up the fastest. is this sparking...

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Minnesota Twins: Looking at the Deepest Positions in the Twins' Farm System

Here are some of the deepest areas of the Twins' minor league system as we travel into mid-May. Photo courtesy of the Cedar Rapids Gazette The Twins had great success developing outfielders during their run in the 2000s that included five ...

FAA says air travel system should be back to normal by Sunday

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said on Saturday it had suspended all employee furloughs and that it expects the U.S. air travel system will return to normal operations by Sunday evening Eastern Time. The suspension follows passage on Friday ...

As Short-Term Rentals Boom, Regulation an Issue

Beth Riley, who rents out two Ocean Springs vacation homes through the website, said she supports the proposed ordinance because it would provide her more clarity and security. “A neighbor couldn't just make a complaint and shut you d ...

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Astronaut twins study shows space travel causes premature aging Those images of a robust Star Trek Captain James T. Kirk beaming around the solar system at maximum warp, or an irreverent Han Solo with his sidekick Chewbacca bustling through space on a quest to save Princess Leia, are sadly, an illusion. The truth

Dalton Delan| The Unspin Room: Our twin freedoms of writing and the road Nearly a century earlier, shortly after the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad laid its first rails, the French government dispatched Alexis de Tocqueville to study the U.S. prison system. From these travels, he pronounced on our fledgling democracy: "America

Our Spaceflight Heritage: 40 years after launch, NASA's twin Voyager spacecraft continue to return valuable data Lifting off from Launch Complex 41 (LC-41) atop a Titan IIIE rocket on September 5, 1977, the spacecraft was set on a course to visit the two largest planets in the Solar System: Jupiter and Saturn. Reaching the Jovian system 18 months later, in

Digital Twins: A Compelling Use for Simulations on IoT Data NASA has moved on to more simulations than ever to understand their “objects,” which definitely get far beyond our reach as they travel throughout our solar system. You might say they have the ultimate problem of not being able to examine the “real

How Do You Feel About The DeLorean DR-7 Aircraft? Today, I came across an interesting article from the popular online publication Wired, that I have thought about for the past month. The DeLorean DR-7 aircraft is one of those inventions you hope will see the light of day. This fixed wing car/plan isn

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