What happens 10 years from now (technology-wise)?

Mildred Umali says:

The world is on an expanding technology and its really hard to keep up with new and improved things when you're not rich. We are generating an advancement in technology twice their predecessor every 2 years. In terms of disk storage, will...

James Holt says: 10 years from now we'll be signing data tablets instead of papers using our thumbnail. Although there are companies that do this already, it would probably be a common thing. Terrabytes will be...

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SA’s Wise tablet: close but no cigar

The biggest selling point of the Wise tablet is its price. At R2 100 for the Wi-Fi-only model ... PriceCheck has four, including the general site and shortcuts to its books, music and travel pages. Aside from the Business Park app, the tablet also includes ...

Android On The Desktop

Let’s examine how Android copes with such foreign peripherals. General sluggishness and other performance-related issues aside, Android is still clearly designed for touch ... the home screen is a pain. On the Kaser, you have to click-and ...

HP Envy x2 looks great and lasts a long time, but speed is just adequate

Will the HP Envy x2 evoke jealous thoughts ... that emulates a small laptop as well as the Envy x2 can be tricky. It simply looks fast. However, the Envy x2's Intel Atom Z2760 1.8GHz CPU, 2GB of low-power DDR2 memory and a 64GB eMMC SSD managed only ...

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Passengers will have to take tablets out of carry-ons under new TSA screening guidelines U.S. airline passengers will have to take tablet computers and other large electronic devices out of carry-on bags for inspection as the government phases in tighter screening prompted by fears terror groups can hide bombs in them. Most passengers

Why AT&T thinks you'll pick its new tablet over the competition The tablet, called Primetime, comes with AT&T's streaming apps, DirecTV and DirecTV Now already installed. The tablet arrives as the about the first seven months. That beat analysts' expectations, but is a tiny fraction of Netflix's nearly 100

Catholic Family Center fears Supreme Court ruling could further cut refugee resettlement The decision by the U.S Supreme Court to rule on President Donald Trump's travel ban did not resolve the underlying issues, but the justices' decision to allow part of the ban to take effect while they consider the case has raised concerns. This allows

Eclipse 2017: A procrastinator's guide to viewing the total eclipse Eclipse blindness is a real thing, so you'll only be able to look at the sun when it's 100 percent blocked by the moon if you don't have special viewing glasses. Americans have obviously caught What if I can't travel for the eclipse? Have no fear

Trump: US will win appeal of judge's travel ban order WASHINGTON/PALM BEACH, Fla () - U.S. President Donald Trump said the Justice Department will win an appeal filed late Saturday of a judge's order lifting a travel ban he had imposed on citizens of seven mainly Muslim countries.

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