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I need a good cheap travel wallet to hold my passport, tickets, bookings and other essential things for my trip to Europe. Guide me on which ones are the best and most useful and where I can find/buy them??

Miggy says: I use plastic A4 document wallets. As I travel quite a bit, I use a different coloured one for each upcoming trip so that if I have more than one I can easiliy identify which one I need. I store...


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Virgin Australia Holdings Ltd : Australian Travellers weighed down by their wallets

The survey, which canvassed the opinions of a broad cross-section of Australians , also found that currency conversion rates act as a deterrent from using cards overseas for the majority of Australians (75%). Despite theft being a large concern for ...

Mobile payments get serious on Google as Wallet evolves to handle travel [UPDATE]

UPDATE: Below is the video of Priceline’s integration of Google Wallet into their ... Merchants will also receive the last four digits of the credit card number, which should help alleviate identification of frequent visitors. In fact, Google Wallet ...

Allied Wallet is Onboard Every United Airlines Flight

Allied Wallet continually develops software to integrate with every e-commerce solution in the world. Visit for the full article.

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This Compact Coin wallet is for techies, not coins This wallet nudges you toward minimalism, and if you're of the same mind, as I am, it's a great fit. The two outside pockets play host to my Oyster card for travelling around London and temporary things like notes and receipts. I find this arrangement

Travel dilemmas: A student's wallet abroad Both experts emphasized that you need to call the issuing institution to alert it to your travel plans. Further, Palmer suggested asking whether the bank could fill you in on any unusual processes or procedures abroad. Parent nag note: Make sure you

These 4 RFID-Blocking Wallets Will Help You Travel More Securely Whether you know it or not, there's RFID technology everywhere — and it might even be in your pocket, wallet or purse right now. RFID chips, like most tech, were designed for convenience: they could be in your credit cards for easily scanning your

Red Sox pitcher Joe Kelly talks traveling to Maui and penchant for craft beer Obviously my wallet, so I can pay for things. But then I would say my prescription sunglasses. Aisle or window? It's 50-50. I probably go more with the window, but I like to switch it up. As long as it's not the middle, I'm good. Favorite childhood

Shred Trails, Not Your Wallet, With This Deal On Pivot's Mach 6 Long-travel trail and enduro bikes are a ton of fun, but these burly rippers often have price tags as high as the lifts you'll ride on them. That's why this crazy deal from Competitive Cyclist caught our eye—more than a third off one of the most

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