have you traveled on via rail from vancouver, b.c. to Jasper, AB? what was the ride like?

Graham G says:

was it twisting and turning or was it a comfortable ride. i get motion sick very easily so i need to know what it will be like. i leave October 31

Willeke says: I have done the ride the other way round but knowing the kind of train, it will not matter which way you travel. The train is a long distance one, the track is a freight track that has to handle...

10 Reasons to Travel By Train to the Next Family Vacation! | Black ...

Are you tossing around ideas for the next family vacation? Are you tired of long lines at TSA checkpoints and having to pay for checked bags for every member of the family? If you answered yes to both questions, consider arriving at your next family vacation by train.

Most people overlook the train as a travel option thinking its not safe, often late or just as expensive as...


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The most trustworthy source of information available today on savings and investments, taxes, money management, home ownership and many other personal finance topics.


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Via Rail workers could walk off the job on June 14

Via Rail passengers could be caught in a strike next week if 2,000 customer service, on-board and maintenance workers across the country can’t reach a deal. The Canadian Autoworkers Union, which represents the employees, has served notice that ...

VIA Rail Canada publishes its 2013 First Quarter Financial Report

president and CEO of VIA Rail. "We are confident that by staying focused on providing a travel experience that meets passengers' expectations of comfort, reliability, affordability and the benefit of productive and connected travel time ...

The decline of train travel

When Via Rail learned that terrorists were planning to detonate a ... There is none of the security apparatus that has made travel by air so unbearable — the waiting, the disrobing, the ritual request for liquids or gels, the repeated checking of your ...

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India by rail: The most romantic way to travel through the Himalayas The best way to explore a country as vast, diverse and intriguing as India, it is often said, is by railway. The country has enjoyed a long and well-documented love affair with its rail network ever since the first train snaked its way from Red Hills

'Club 26-30' railcard: how will the new discount scheme work? For 16-25 Railcards that restriction is lifted in July and August, the idea being to encourage students and young people to travel more by train at a time of year when rush-hour trains are less crowded. But train operators are insisting the minimum

Travel via Hyperloop A train that moves at incredible speeds – are supersonic maglevs the transport of the future? Hyperloop prototypes have been presented for competition in Los Angeles. One of the teams is made up of scientists from Munich.

Storm Brian: Network Rail warns services could run at reduced speeds due to high winds and heavy rain On Friday (October 20), Network Rail issued additional guidance to passengers travelling via South Western Railway, Southern Rail, Gatwick Express and Thameslink services. A maximum speed of "typically of around 50mph" on some routes will help drivers 

VIA Rail celebrates Alexandria Station's centennial "It is an honour to celebrate the addition of this plaque, commemorating the incredible centenary anniversary of this valuable landmark of travel and economic connection: the Alexandria VIA Rail Station in the great riding of Glengarry-Prescott-Russell."

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