Female urinal for traveling?

Buggs says:

I drive for a living. Usually about six hundred miles a day. I drive a pilot car for a wide load eight teen wheeler. The truck driver is a man and can easily take care of Mother Nature driving down the road. I suffer terribly some times. Any...

scout says: There is also these products. http://www.biorelief.com/travel-john-3pack.htm The Disposable Urinal For Men, Women and Children LIQSORB® super absorbent polymer pouch included...

He Looked Fresh Smelled Fresh Tasted Fresh too!

So here I am walking through the airport, head into the Mens' room. Not necessarily looking my best since it was only a 4 hour sleep night. An early 7 am wake up to pack, travel, and hit the road once again! No shave! Hair did look good though! lol...

So here I am at the urinals taking a leak. Finish, I look over and there's this cutie Latino boy, looking nice, clearly gay, in a...


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Oxford's urinals top our list of alternative Denver tour stops: What tops yours?

Civic boosters love to travel to other cities to see how they do business ... And while you're contemplating this town's important sights (and sites), enjoy this video of the Oxford urinals by Mike Deaton: From the Calhoun: Wake-Up Call archive ...

Gaming urinals promotion prompts a stream of consciousness

They will travel to Boston to see historic Fenway Park ... There are apparently a number of games the guys will be able to try while they are standing at the urinal. One of the more fun-sounding ones has to with alpine skiing, which allows users to ...

Marion Oaks man accused of photographing boy at urinal

A 63-year-old Marion Oaks man has been arrested after sheriff's officials say he used a cellphone to photograph a 10-year-old boy using the urinal in a store restroom. Maximo Deherrera was arrested Thursday on the charge of video voyeurism, according to ...

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The Bidet's Revival my host declares proudly. “The bidet is gone!” In my time as a travel editor, this scenario has become common when touring improvements to hotels and resorts around the world. My heart sinks when I hear it. To me, this doesn't feel like progress, but

How do I know when I'm supposed to retire? This environmentally certified building recycles rainwater for use in the washrooms. A sign advises us not to drink out of the toilet or urinals. I feel as if I've landed in a new world and do not quite know what to make of it. Some feel that to retire

Tourists' toilet habits could be ruining the environment | Daily Mail ... A marketing lecturer at the University of Huddersfield argues that many of the most pervasive problems associated with tourism can be seen through the toilet bowl.

From Nashville To Nashvegas: How Lower Broadway Is Becoming Country Star Row The Nashville location is coming in spring 2018. Rich is having fun with the redneck stereotype. The decor integrates beer cans and weathered aluminum siding. Urinals are cut-out beer kegs. The menu centers on barbecue, jerky and nacho cheese sauce

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