travel trailer?

Ricky P says:

I have a 32 foot travel trailer. I want to run the fresh water pump to drain the, well, the fresh water tank! However, the battery on the rig went dead. Can I plug the car to this battery (Looks like a bad ass marine battery) and then turn on the...

db79300 says: This is a good question. I would ask the trailer manufacturer for advise on this or consult the owner's manual. If you are jumping the trailer battery directly with a car battery in a running...

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I pass through some fabulous areas but, unlike most, I don’t get much from seeing awesome scenery through the windshield. To me it’s like watching a movie; I’m just sittin’ there on my butt. Does anyone really think looking up at a mountain is more impressive than looking out from a trail near the top or from a ridgeline? And as I’ve said before, it’s not as if the most majestic scenery...

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Short supply of some boats may leave some buyers high and dry this summer Corinne Bidgood and her husband have a big decision of their own to make. "We just wanted to check out the trailers to decide whether we wanted to go the cottage route or the trailer route. With a trailer you don't have to do any work, just park it and

Igo couple sue over neighbor's 'junkyard' Squatters moved onto the property in February “in the cover of night, placed their trailers and trash on the property, and began living on the property without the apparent permission of the bank,” he said. There is no electricity, running water or

Doctor Strange 2: The Marvel Sequel That Hasn't Happened We saw Strange travel to Nepal, learn from Tilda Swinton's Ancient One about the vast complexities of the universe, and then face off against his first big baddies. Mads Mikkelsen's Kaecilius was the first sinister sorcerer to battle Strange, and he

Pierced Ciderworks opens in Fort Pierce as Treasure Coast's first cidery | Laurie's Stories The birthplace of the Treasure Coast's first brewery now is our area's first cidery. Pierced Ciderworks opened Feb. 10 at 411 N. Second St. in the historic Edgartown area of Fort Pierce. Sailfish Brewing Company opened there April 6, 2013, kicking off

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