Is it safe to travel to Peru?

Cupcake says: It's safe if you are careful - do not wear any jewelry, purse, watch, fanny packs - men must keep their wallet in their front pocket - carry your passport at all times - those zipper pants are...

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Travelling alone? Top 10 stay-safe tips

It might seem daunting to travel alone, but it's not as scary as it might seem. Here are some simple but effective ways to stay safe while you're vacationing on your own. We asked Peggy Goldman, president of Friendly Planet Travel, an international group ...

9 Surprising Travel Tricks That Work

From making the elevator go directly to your floor to fixing a broken zipper, these not-so-well-known tips make travel a little bit easier ... buying you time to escape with your safety and your actual wallet." And if you're concerned about ...

Surefire Ways to Get Mugged on Vacation

With this wealth of experience, I offer you a list of surefire ways to get mugged on vacation, as well as tips for avoiding situations where your safety ... around in the purse I was using as a pillow, but I assumed it was my travel companion ...

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9 ways to protect yourself and your stuff when staying in a hotel Value-priced hotels, Airbnb accommodations, and hostels will likely leave you relying on the goodwill of others to not swipe your stuff. That is, unless you bring a safe with you. While it doesn't have the thick walls, sturdy door, and keypad you'd

5 gifts for travelers, campers and people on the go Make everywhere they roam — business trips, campsites, exotic locales — a little more comfy — even downright luxe — with these travel gifts. Patagonia 70L Black Hole Wheeled Duffle Bag ($329 at Wayward, downtown, and They can pare

MYTAGALONGS® featured on Oprah's Favorite Things List for 2017 MYTAGALONGS® offers a solution to the tangled and damaged earbud cords at the bottom of your purse, gym bag or briefcase. The MYTAGALONGS® earbud case is made of expandable and durable neoprene and features an interior tab to wind your earbud cord

Preen Gift Guide: The Practical Items You Never Knew You Needed Having trouble with your gift list for the holidays? Our weekly gift guide series will help you figure out what you can get your loved ones this coming season. From food to fashion and beauty, we'll be covering all possible areas to make sure you have

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