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Keith K says:

hello i live in a little town in arizona and we have a hockey rink. and we have a league for it to. but the league does not have a travel team so i was wondering what i should do to make 1 for my league? please answer! thank u

top shelf dangles says: I've played teams from AZ before (i'm from NY), and it's great you want to spread the sport. i would recommend talking to the league/ rink president to set up tryouts and put up signs in rinks...

Roller derby finances: Comparing the top-ranked nonprofit leagues ...

We know how Gotham sizes up to Windy City on the flat track, but what about at the bank?

By digging through (publicly available) tax documents, I tried to stack some of the top leagues against each other to see how they match up. (Make your bets now)
Here are some overall observations I had after spending hours weeding through the numbers (which are from 2011 — the last...


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