Travel pillow recommendation?

Mr. T says:

I've been flying from the united states to southeast asia roundtrip for the last 2 years and I've never tried a neck pillow. I just bought the Dogbones Neckbone pillow. It's name doesn't suggest that it was designed for flying with, but some...

Christy Leff says: If you're traveling then you might want to get one of these. I've tried many a travel pillow during my years in the skies. I have finally found one that is as comfortable as my pillow on my bed. It...

Gear reviews from the road

Here are in-depth reviews of four pieces of gear that are living happily in my Brooks Range duffel or are on my body.

Patagonia Active boxers.

These are my go-to favorites and the three pairs I own disappear from my underwear drawer too fast. I got some of the earlier ones on sale in 2006 and wore out the elastic in 5 years. The other four (now three) pairs I have had...



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Weekly World News

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Field & Stream

FIELD & STREAM, America’s largest outdoor sports magazine, celebrates the outdoor experience with great stories, compelling photography, and sound advice while honoring the traditions hunters and fishermen have passed down for generations.

Yoga Journal

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Cruise Travel

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Bru Joy Announces Release Of Deluxe Inflatable Travel Neck Pillow In Mid June 2013

Probably the best travel neck pillow, this blow up pillow gives the best head ... and neck brought about by long hours of sitting in front of personal computer and laptop. The company's Marketing Director, Laura Chung says, "We are proud to say that ...

Desperately Seeking Slumber

Enlarge Image Travel pillows, clockwise from top left: Travelon 1st Class Sleeper; Comfy Commuter; Caldera Releaf Neck Rest; Kuhi Comfort; Travelrest Or at least that's what the makers of the SkyRest hope. It's just one of a surfeit of unusual ...

Airline review: Cathay Pacific A330-300 Economy Class

Being over 6 foot tall, the legroom was a bit on the small side for me. Luckily the flight isn’t too full though so I can spread out onto the spare seat next to me. Cathay Pacific uses the award-winning StudioCX in-flight entertainment system.

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Rachel Antonoff's Built-In Neck Pillow Jackets Are Your New Travel Wardrobe Staple If you could never be bothered to tote one of those big neck pillows through the airport (or you choose to live with the minor annoyance and do it anyway), there's a new jacket coming out that was made just for you. A part of her Fall 2017 collection

Travel comfortably with this magical dragon neck pillow from 'Spirited Away' It doesn't have to be almost night time for you to cozy up with your very own Haku from the award-winning Studio Ghibli film Spirited Away. Unfortunately, the neck pillow version won't provide you with invisibility. So if you're trying to hide from

This Travel Pillow Is Like Nothing You've Seen Before, and It's Genius It took me years to swallow my pride and drag around a neck pillow for longer flights, but now I sleep like a baby on planes and have never looked back. If you're doing a long-haul flight, especially a red-eye, it's pretty crucial to get in at least a

Ready for take off! Travel pillows are put to the test to find what filling is most comfy for a long haul flight ... Microbead pillows are lightweight u-shaped filled with small polystyrene beads that can change shape around your neck to provide support and comfort. However, the fabric could stretch overtime - causing beads to push out the unpressurised sections of

Tips For Flying Coach | POPSUGAR Smart Living We'd all love all our flights to be at the front of the plane, but for most of us, flying first class is a (very) rare treat. As we walk down the aisle, past.

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