Question about rabbit travel?

Panda says:

I want to get a pet rabbit (like a mini or holland lop) but I travel a lot. I go to my cabin every weekend. So, my question is, do rabbits do well with traveling a lot, or would it just be better if I didn't get one? If I did get one and bring it...

Gentl says: Traveling with a rabbit just takes planning. I followed the advice at the website below and our bunny loved to go in the car. We started taking her on small drives and she got used to...

Long car trips and cats can mix, though they're not ideal - Bend Bulletin

Q: I seem to be facing a move from Long Island to southern North Carolina. I am at a loss as to how to transport my 14-year-old Maine coon cat. We are both too old to drive 10 hours straight through, and a midway stop with my buddy seems impossible. Any ideas?

A: Cats travel a lot better than we may think. Cats have traveled with humans on sailing ships, covered wagons and on most...


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Long car trips and cats can mix, though they’re not ideal

I am at a loss as to how to transport my 14-year-old Maine coon cat. We are both too old to drive ... That removes one of the biggest discomfort situations for cats in transit. If you stop at a pet-friendly hotel for the night, just take the ...

Eliminate Litter Box Odors With Tea Leaves

Simply mix dry tea leaves into the litter. This will help leave a fresh scent and, according to the site, tea has anti-bacterial properties that can help keep the box clean. We’re always looking for natural ways to keep our homes smelling ...

Cat Travel Tips

They are working ... than leaving her at home alone with a few bowls of food and water. I would absolutely have her microchipped before you go. It's not that expensive and your cat can be identified and returned to you if she does get out. While you ...

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Need an Indoor Dog Potty? The Weird World Beyond Wee-Wee Pads Porch Potty claims to be the first automated grass litter box for dogs, with its own self-cleaning system: sprinklers! It sits in an attractive weatherproof resin wicker frame, which holds 8 square feet of synthetic grass (although you can get real

Exploring Outdoors Kansas: Tracks in the snow and other wintry wonders I had a coyote at what I had thought to be the big litter box; one that was evidently out-of-the-loop and didn't get the memo that it was a “cats only” establishment. There were literally hundreds of fresh coyote tracks in a wide circle around the

Situations That Can Cause Stress in Pets — and Steps You Can Take to Prevent Them You can help them adjust to their new surroundings by placing their bed, food and water bowls, litter box, and toys (make sure these are not freshly-washed and have your animal's scent on them) in a quiet closed-off space like a bathroom or bedroom

Readers' Vent: Jan. 12, 2018 I use pictures of Trump to line my cat's litter box. The cat is a little upset, but he did not vote. The Democrat's threat to shut down the government if the DREAM Act is not enacted blatantly shows they do not care about the working class people

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