how far does light travels in 1000 years?

Art Vandelay says: 1000 light years is the correct answer. but to simplify it some and to keep you from being in a position of doing math you do not understand, light travels about 5.88 trillion miles per year. so...

A Kayaking Trip in the 1000 Islands, Ontario | Hike Bike Travel

If you live in or plan to visit the Toronto – Ottawa – Montreal corridor this summer then try to fit in a stop to the charming town of Gananoque so you can spend at least a day on a kayaking trip in the 1000 Islands.

Gananoque ( don’t miss great coffee at the Socialist Pig Coffeehouse either ) is one of the gateways to the 1000 Islands, an archipelago consisting of 1,864...

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FairPoint workers travel 1,000 miles to attend shareholders’ meeting in North Carolina

Augusta, ME -— Five members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) traveled from New England to Charlotte, North Carolina, to attend FairPoint Communications’ Annual Meeting of Shareholders today. The IBEW represents ...

This car could travel 1,000 km with just a litre of fuel

Abu Dhabi: A team of engineering students in the UAE have designed a car that could potentially travel up to 1,000 km on just one litre of fuel. The lightweight vehicle - named Eco-Dubai 1 - is in its final stage of construction and will begin testing in ...

Lonely Planet selects 15 New Zealand Wonders for 1000 ultimate sights

Most Oversized Animals: (1) Komodo Dragon, Komodo National Park, Indonesia; (2) Green Anaconda, Pantanal, Brazil; (3) Giant Weta, NZ; (4) African Elephant, Addo Elephant National Park, South Africa; (5) Polar Bear, Churchill, Canada; (6) Giant Salamander ...

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Total solar eclipse 2017: How to save money on travel and avoid scams “You just have to be a little clever how you look for them.” Hipcamp, an online travel service for camping experiences, lists more than 1,000 eclipse-friendly campsites. Bivouac Campground in Oregon's Smith Rock State Park still has room for eclipse

Now, More Than Ever, You Need To Find A Good Travel Agent Bill Gates, a pretty smart guy, supposedly once said something along the lines, “Now, you can throw away your travel agent's phone number.” Whether he believed it or not is hard to say. At the time he would have been plugging his new online travel

A Pilot Dropped His Phone From a Plane, and It Recorded the Entire Fall (Video) A Samsung Galaxy S5 phone somehow survived falling 1,000 feet from a plane — and recorded its entire journey. Robert Ryan posted a video on YouTube of the whirling footage, which he said was captured after his uncle, pilot Blake Henderson, allegedly 

New cruise ship will feature 1000ft go-kart race track A new cruise liner will feature a two-level race track on deck when it launches next year. Norwegian Cruises revealed the plans for Norwegian Bliss, its new 4,000 capacity vessel, at a travel industry event in Las Vegas last week. Passengers will be

Virtuoso Attracts More Millennials —The network has reached a new record with 16,000 affiliated travel advisors. Virtuoso now includes over 800 agency locations in more than 45 countries. This growth extends across all global regions, with more than 1,000 advisors added since January 

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