Train Travel?

robbie b says:

if the price was similar & locations were avai but it would take several days Vs hours would you travel by train?

tehabwa says: Train travel is SO MUCH MORE CIVILIZED. I prefer it. Besides, trains go to more places than planes. People who ride trains are allowed to have legs, and be bigger than the average 8 year old;...

A Thursday play-by-play.

Did not know it would be too busy considering we had already transferred all the processes to our Mumbai colleagues. But it was. At least for me. Had several issues with my book - mainly because of dividends season and of the incorrect work done by one of our colleague which had affected my book. I was able to manage it. I was very proactive. I was quick in thinking of solution. An added bonus...


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Train Travel and Discovering ‘A Voice of the South’

“I remember it cost either five or ten cents to ride the train. It was not too long a ride. It was fun, and a lot of us went to town like that on Saturdays,” my mother said as she reminisced about her teen years. She shared with me her fond memories of ...

Why train travel is the best way to go

and it gives you time and space to read, sleep, watch movies or get work done — big advantages over cars ... I would end up traveling for about nine hours (taking travel to the airport into consideration, plus all the transfers and the layover time.)

The Golden Age of Train Travel (PHOTOS)

Advertisements for rail travel in the 1940s declared: “You go, weather or no!” And for the most part, that hasn’t changed, according to train historian and author Karl Zimmermann. “Today, trains often roll when weather delays or cancels ...

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Old School Train Travel Is Being Positioned as New School Luxury Part of the appeal is that “private luxury trains allow those with a degree of adventure to explore without sacrificing creature comforts,” according to rail travel evangelist Andy Brabin. Currently with travel consultancy Discover by Rail, Brabin adds

Cheap holiday: Save up to £300 on TRAIN travel this bank holiday Chief Executive of Ticketclever Jeremy Acklam explained the motive behind it, stating “"In an era where the price of train travel is under scrutiny, it's frustrating that getting the best deal on UK train journeys isn't straightforward.” Whether it's a

GST on services fixed; Ola, Uber rides and flights to be cheaper, education and health exempt 5:10pm: Travelling on metro, local train, religious travel, Haj yatra will all be exempt from GST: revenue secretary, Hasmukh Adhia. 5:05pm: “The proposed tax straucture under GST is much more complex to what we have at present,” said Pratik Jain

The Victorian Belief That a Train Ride Could Cause Instant Insanity The peace on a regular English train journey from Carnforth to Liverpool is shattered by one man's deranged laughter and erratic antics. Armed with a gun and attacking the windows to get to the other increasingly frightened passengers, he seems out of 

Travel to LA in a Tesla for less than the train SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - What if you could ride in a Tesla from San Diego to Los Angeles for the less than the cost of a train ticket? A new ride share service just launched in San Diego called Tesloop. It offers rides between San Diego, Orange County, and

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