can u lay household tiles outdoors?

Ryan says:

i wanted to make a moseque out of ordiniary household tiles i have left over from small jobs around the house. can this be done and is it safe? i wanted to do this outside on a small pathway.

rob s says: Better to use an out side rated tile such as a frost proof tile. But if you live in a warmer climate ( non freezing) you can. In a path way the tiles do need to be rated for foot traffic. This so...

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Prison officials: Unrest began after Ridgeland inmate sneaked through ceiling tile

S.C. Department of Corrections officials said Wednesday. It's not yet clear whether accomplices helped the prisoner shimmy through the ceiling to get outside, according to spokesman Clark Newsom. The inmate left at a time of night when prisoners ...

Which tile is best for flooring?

Natural unglazed clay or brick tiles make great back splashes, but absorb food and grease splatters easily and are prone to staining. Next, consider the room itself -- what kind of usage does it get? Is it a high traffic area, indoor or outdoor ...

All sorts of new tiles are hitting the marketplace

What could be new about something that ... is baked onto the surface of the tile is activated by light. Crossville uses recycled content in its products. Italian company Casagrande Padana is turning out its own self-cleaning ceramic that works like trees ...

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Tiny timber cabin with prefab elements opens up to Stockholm's outdoors Good news for those who have been eyeing Tesla's new Solar Roof – the company just announced pricing for its photovoltaic tiles, and they come in at just $21.85 per square foot. That's nearly 20 percent cheaper than a normal roof once you factor in the 

PixelFLEX takes creativity outdoors at the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater Needing a brighter and more powerful solution, the technical team worked with The ESB Group to install a modular and completely outdoor-rated video system using FLEXTour 6.9mm LED from Nashville-based PixelFLEX. “This was the first time that we

HOT PROPERTIES: Selling seems to be in her makeup Kylie Jenner of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," has sold her Calabasas, Calif., home and has another property on the market in nearby Hidden Hills. Jenner renovated the Calabasas home during her ownership and converted one of the bedrooms into a 

Home Decor: This Fall, Old Meets New When the seasons change outside, it provides the perfect reason to change up your décor inside. Many of 2017's hottest home design and décor trends extend from season to season, meaning the colors and textures being chosen for flooring, furniture and 

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