How many ounces is a grande at starbucks?

Pinky Dinky says:

I know that it is 16 oz. for a hot beverage. I was wondering if it would change if it were iced or blended (frapucino). The venti is 20 oz but is 24 oz when it's iced. I just wanted to know if the volume of a grande would change if it were iced...

Rain says: It's still 16oz in a cold cup. The reason why a venti is 24oz in a cold cup, is because the iced lattes have an additional shot of espresso. The ice, I suppose dillutes the beverage, needing the...

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Starbucks Jobs Come In New Mug Manufacturing Positions

LOS ANGELES, June 12 (Reuters) - Starbucks Corp ... down from a peak of nearly 20 million around 1980, according to data from the U.S. Department of Labor. The new line of U.S.-made merchandise includes a 16-ounce acrylic tumbler made in Chicago ...

Priciest Starbucks drink ever? Man orders $47.30 'Quadriginoctuple Frap'

Armed with a 52-ounce coffee mug, a Washington state man headed to his local Starbucks to make history. Forty-eight shots of espresso, some protein powder, two bananas, a few caramel drizzle Frappuccino chips, some vanilla bean and a little soy later ...

World's Most Expensive Starbucks Drink Costs $47.30

Indeed, it looks like his 52-ounce travel mug was barely able to contain the beast as it is. Of course, this makes us wonder whether some ground rules need to be laid down for "Most Expensive Starbucks Drink Ever." Wouldn't it be more fair to restrict that ...

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