Which of these rain jackets is best? I live in Seattle, and want this to be my bomber rain/snow/go-to jacket?

shmee says:

Which of these two would be my best bet for an all-around rain jacket that I can use skiing, backpacking, camping and around town?? It's got to be freakin' waterproof, since it rains a fair amount here. I also just don't have the patience for...

dewclaw says: Sorry there is no such thing as a one perfect for everything jacket. It looks like either will be good for rain, and spring and fall, but will not be your wear in winter around town jacket without...

Candy Crush

I have bullet points as well. or, I suppose these are numbers.

1. I wish my legs look like yours so I too could wear white pants. I've wanted white jeans for SO LONG but they just make my thighs look ginormous

2. Isn't candy crush like bejeweled? or am I missing something.

3. I'm so jealous you are moving to the Bay Area ish. I've always want to go...

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'Wheels & wings & rain' Even so, some chose to walk the borough streets, many wielding umbrellas, others with their leather jackets dripping wet. Jeffrey Rodgers of Altoona said Thursday was his first time at the event. The rain did not stop him from sharing wings with his

Olympia Richmond Jacket | Gear Review Layered up with a thick long-sleeve shirt or sweatshirt the Richmond fends off light rain well and is effective down to temps in the high 40s, yet quite comfortable in summer temps over a cooling base layer with the vents open. Overall, while complete

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Will Brown: St. Augustine's Caleb Farrell marches on toward heaven Friday was the first time in a while it did not rain in St. Augustine. As hot as it was, the sun didn't seem Had he been allowed to play contact sports, Caleb would have been an attacker for the Yellow Jackets lacrosse team. Though he could not

Salem-Keizer Volcanoes Opening Day marks special time for ... The Salem-Keizer Volcanoes begin their 21st season in the Mid-Valley.

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