Which of these rain jackets is best? I live in Seattle, and want this to be my bomber rain/snow/go-to jacket?

shmee says:

Which of these two would be my best bet for an all-around rain jacket that I can use skiing, backpacking, camping and around town?? It's got to be freakin' waterproof, since it rains a fair amount here. I also just don't have the patience for...

dewclaw says: Sorry there is no such thing as a one perfect for everything jacket. It looks like either will be good for rain, and spring and fall, but will not be your wear in winter around town jacket without...

Candy Crush

I have bullet points as well. or, I suppose these are numbers.

1. I wish my legs look like yours so I too could wear white pants. I've wanted white jeans for SO LONG but they just make my thighs look ginormous

2. Isn't candy crush like bejeweled? or am I missing something.

3. I'm so jealous you are moving to the Bay Area ish. I've always want to go...

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Cavs, Blue Jackets, others join forces to push for more state sports grants In a gathering that some called historic, representatives of eight Ohio professional sports teams banded together in one House committee hearing room Tuesday, with the Ohio State University Athletic Department reportedly joining on Wednesday. So what

Wind and Rain Are No Match for These Lightweight Spring Jackets The days are getting longer and the stoke is getting bigger as spring rolls in. Although, while temperatures rise, fair weather is certainly not guaranteed. Being prepared for those infamous spring showers, finicky winds and other inclement weather

Spring Storms . South Florida as Spring officially starts tomorrow, look for a few storms to develop late in the day. Also, near record high temperatures. This is all due to a cold front on the move and set to cool us down for Thursday. Until then, have

Five Sharp Suits Expertly Tailored to the Modern Man Considered the world's rarest and most expensive fiber, vicuña—which comes from wild camelid animals high in the Andes mountains—is typically used in heavier fall or winter coats. After months of experimentation in its Italian mill, Kiton perfected a

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