top sport franchises by net value?

Gregsou says:

all pro sports

viphockey4 says: According to Forbes the top net value franchise is the NY Yankees in the MLB circles, the NY Knicks in the NBA, the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL and the Toronto Maple leafs in the NHL. 19 of the 31...

The Punishment Fits the Crime

On February 21, 2000, Boston Bruins defenseman, Marty McSorley, bludgeoned Vancouver’s Donald Brashear across the right temple with his hockey stick, leaving Brashear lying on the ice twitching, with blood flowing from his nose. Two days later, the National Hockey League suspended McSorley for the remaining 23 games of the regular season plus any playoff games Boston would play. Based on the...

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Pyeongchang 2018: North and South Korea to march under 'unification flag' at Winter Olympics The two Koreas will compete as a unified team in the Olympics for the first time, though they have joined forces at other international sports events before. North Korea will send a delegation of more than 400, including 230 cheerleaders, 140 artists

Amputees at Victorian open show why golf is the perfect sport for people with disabilities If golf is a sport of balance and concentration, then Mike Rolls is a master, especially when you consider he is a double amputee. Mr Rolls was one of 18 competitors at the 2018 Victorian Amputee Open, which was held in Ballarat this week for the first

Why we need to 'climate proof' our sports stadiums For many Australians summer is synonymous with cricket and tennis. But as Australian summers become more prone to extreme heat conditions, sustainable and climate-adaptable stadium design has become a leading consideration for both sporting codes and

Why it might be time to eradicate sex segregation in sports In many areas, gender equality has been improving gradually. But this is not the case in sport, where women continue to be banned for being insufficiently feminine to be permitted to compete. In our research we argue that one way to move beyond

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