top sport franchises by net value?

Gregsou says:

all pro sports

viphockey4 says: According to Forbes the top net value franchise is the NY Yankees in the MLB circles, the NY Knicks in the NBA, the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL and the Toronto Maple leafs in the NHL. 19 of the 31...

The Punishment Fits the Crime

On February 21, 2000, Boston Bruins defenseman, Marty McSorley, bludgeoned Vancouver’s Donald Brashear across the right temple with his hockey stick, leaving Brashear lying on the ice twitching, with blood flowing from his nose. Two days later, the National Hockey League suspended McSorley for the remaining 23 games of the regular season plus any playoff games Boston would play. Based on the...

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The Dallas Cowboys Head The NFL's Most Valuable Teams At $4.8 Billion The league's image is taking a hit from the long-term health problems of players, and some fans are getting turned off by the gladiatorial nature of the sport. Yet for all the bad press surrounding the NFL, the league remains a financial juggernaut

What happens when cyclist and car collide? "It's not like I haven't sat down and thought about what other sports I could do, but it has a uniqueness about it — accessibility, it's low-impact, cardio, very good for keeping the weight down — all very important things as we age. Australians gain

Angling: Ossett net two titles from the Nationals Pleasure anglers fishing the same middle Ouse venues from below Linton weir through Newton, Benningborough and Moor Monkton have reported some brilliant barbel sport for the area with catches of up to eight fish in a session and the odd specimen 

Coventry City fans urged to apply government pressure to bring about new regulations the '#FansNotNumbers' campaign you can watch a video on the website which already has over two million page views, according to SKINS chairman Jaimie Fuller. Download our all-new mobile app to get the latest news, sport and what's on.

Tennis drug cheats do exist, but it's too easy for them to slip through the net Why do people see tennis as a clean sport? The simple answer is that very few players ever test positive for banned substances. Except in faintly glamorous ways, like when Richard Gasquet ingested cocaine from kissing a lady all night in a Miami nightclub.

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