Is MMA a Sport or Martial Art?

Jim R says: A simple sport. It is a game between 2 players. You may win, as in boxing, by Ok or decision. Grappling is also allowed within limits, and opponents may be choked out, or they may submit. It is...

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Sunglasses a must for children

Dee Brun and her four children all wear sunglasses. She didn’t think twice about putting them on when the children were infants. “My eyes are sensitive to the sun. If it bothers my eyes, I can only imagine how sensitive it would be for kids,” says ...

Cal Ripken Talks Orioles, Beer And Bringing Glasses To Children Who Need Them

ThePostGame caught up with Orioles' legend Cal Ripken, who was taking time ... you were talking about the most consecutive game streak. Do you wish people remembered you for other parts of your career? RIPKEN: I think in the end if you're remembered ...

Consumer Reports: 68,000 kids hurt every year by lawn mowers

Consumer Reports says children are involved in some 68,000 mower injuries ... We see it when we pass by commercial mowers: safety glasses, sometimes hard hats and masks. And while you might get a chuckle out of it, experts say you should be ...

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Head games: Helmets slowly seeping into girls' lacrosse “I just felt very strongly about the headgear and the kids' concussions,” Haskell said. “You just want to keep kids playing, you want them to enjoy the sport, you want them to feel safe.” Start of a trend? Haskell said the Gardiner players have been

PHOTOS: Michigan's Moritz Wagner breaks Bill Raftery's glasses chasing loose ball Michigan junior forward Moritz Wagner was the clear star of the first Final Four game on Saturday night. The 6-foot-11 Wagner finished with 24 points and 15 rebounds as the Wolverines advanced past No. 11 seed Loyola and into Monday night's national

Archdeacon: The long-ago doctor didn't understand the drive of this former Tippecanoe star “At that point I didn't think too much of freshmen, but I did take her with us when we scrimmaged up in Toledo before the season,” he remembered. “We played Maumee one night and Sylvania Southview the next morning. I had five seniors and wanted to

Baller City: Can A Basketball Tournament At The Grant Houses Change What It Means To Invest In The Youth? The late sportswriter Pete Axthelm considered the sport inherently a “city game” where much of its popularity stems from the way makeshift courts and hoops can emerge despite the city's lack of space and resources. From the park to the gymnasium

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