Is MMA a Sport or Martial Art?

Jim R says: A simple sport. It is a game between 2 players. You may win, as in boxing, by Ok or decision. Grappling is also allowed within limits, and opponents may be choked out, or they may submit. It is...

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Sunglasses a must for children

Dee Brun and her four children all wear sunglasses. She didn’t think twice about putting them on when the children were infants. “My eyes are sensitive to the sun. If it bothers my eyes, I can only imagine how sensitive it would be for kids,” says ...

Cal Ripken Talks Orioles, Beer And Bringing Glasses To Children Who Need Them

ThePostGame caught up with Orioles' legend Cal Ripken, who was taking time ... you were talking about the most consecutive game streak. Do you wish people remembered you for other parts of your career? RIPKEN: I think in the end if you're remembered ...

Consumer Reports: 68,000 kids hurt every year by lawn mowers

Consumer Reports says children are involved in some 68,000 mower injuries ... We see it when we pass by commercial mowers: safety glasses, sometimes hard hats and masks. And while you might get a chuckle out of it, experts say you should be ...

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How a Mormon Millennial Made Tech Cool for Kids Eight years ago, Coy, a restless, tech-savvy millennial with a short-cropped beard, brown hair and glasses, enrolled in Teach for America, which sent him to teach history and American government at Digital Harbor High School in Baltimore's historic

Block that click! High school sports go digital The video game League of Legends reflects in the glasses of Washington Technology Magnet School student Mula Lay during e-sports team practice. Evan Frost | MPR News. Students at Washington mostly play a video game called "League of Legends.

Lions club celebrates centennial with YMCA bench donation In back row, from left: Troy Pekas, Tim Henjes and Connie Plettner; in front row - Claire Cantwell Julie Haag. Pekas, Cantwell and Haag are all YMCA Youth Sports program directors. Henjes and Plettner are members of the Lincoln 21st Century Lions Club.

This is how much the average child drinks each day - and it is a lot less than it should be The average child drinks just a QUARTER of the water they should during the school day , according to new research. Despite guidelines suggesting children aged five to eight should drink one litre – five glasses - of water a day, the average is

Love is more than a score in Unified Tennis It's part of an attitude that permeates every athlete who participates in Unified Sports tennis. “This is quite amazing,” Breakall, one of the sport's athletes, said. “I'm able to do the “The athletes are known by the kids in the hallways. Sports

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