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Tired of Lugging a Briefcase? Why Not Try a Jacket with 18 Pockets? Though the designers who showed in Paris traffic in the height of fashion, they were serving up the sort of utility more commonly found in the outdoor gear section at REI. The pocket onslaught began on the first morning of runway shows, when designer

How Patagonia Slimmed the Puffer Coat Way Down When you're done wearing it, the jacket packs down into a small pouch or (rather miraculously) its own pocket—more squishable than many other synthetic-filled coats. To reduce surprising cold spots often found in puffer coats, the baffling is stitched

Cat Owners: Let's Go Hiking! Cats: Yawn When he sees the leash now, Vladimir's tail shoots up and he bounds to the door, where he waits to be harnessed and let outside. Vladimir is even part of the family's kayaking crew. Wearing a harness, leash and tiny yellow life jacket, the cat often

Cycling Clothes That Double as Office Attire After a year of road-testing—and office-testing—sweat-proof style, I recently decided to completely overhaul my work wardrobe. I tossed traditional dress shirts, pants, and jackets and started buying brands that fit my exertive lifestyle (see sidebar

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