the sun rises in my bedroom window and makes my room the hottest in my house any ideas how to keep it out?

zip says: You can install a roll-up shade on the outside of the window (outdoors.) Hanging it from the overhang of the roof is a convenient location. That way the heat from the sun is blocked before it...

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Creating shade: Awnings, canopies, umbrellas

If the issue is covering a spot to serve dinner, an umbrella over a table probably is the answer. If the mission is to cover a deck or a patio completely, the job probably is going to demand an awning. There are other answers to that bigger job ...

Custom Rolling Doors Suppliers

... rolling doors including stainless steel screen doors such as high lift, standard lift, vertical lift & side sliding doors with features including aluminum frame construction, standard commercial grade hardware, stainless steel wire mesh such as

19 Ways to Get More Energy, From Morning to Night

You want to fuel up and max out that hormone high. The plan: Lights! Action! Breakfast! It's so tempting to hit snooze when your alarm goes off in the morning ... Experts agree that banking a good night's sleep is the best way to have another ...

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Take a Virtual Hike Through the Great Outdoors With These Stunning Nature Photos These moderators used EyeEm's phone app—which employs AI software to suggest the top photos from the user's camera roll—to select 20 prize-worthy images from each of the contest's five categories: street photography, portraiture, photojournalism, 

Stunning house of glass rises near Austin to maximize lake views "The home has more exterior than interior spaces to connect the residents to the outdoors," Flato says. "All of the A metal valance near the top of the windows hides roll-up shades and is fitted with uplighting, which illuminates the ceiling plane

Not a Shorts Guy? These Are the Summer Pants for You No Sweat Pants from Vancouver newcomer DU/ER and 365 Pants from Flint & Tinder are very different, and while this might initially seem a dubious comparison it becomes clearer when you consider: Both are designed to be worn during outdoor activities and

These 6 workouts can keep you cool while others sweat out the summer An outdoor yoga classes feels less than zen, and even seasoned runners dread a suffocating jog through the humidity. But beating the heat that lasts just 45 minutes. The Bar Method South Miami is at 5734 Sunset Dr. New students can sign up with The

The summer heat won't stop you with these 6 cool Miami workouts Midsummer is here, and the temperatures show no mercy. An outdoor yoga classes feels less than zen, and even seasoned runners dread a suffocating jog through the humidity. But beating the heat doesn't have to mean hitting the elliptical or Netflixing

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