the sun rises in my bedroom window and makes my room the hottest in my house any ideas how to keep it out?

zip says: You can install a roll-up shade on the outside of the window (outdoors.) Hanging it from the overhang of the roof is a convenient location. That way the heat from the sun is blocked before it...

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Creating shade: Awnings, canopies, umbrellas

If the issue is covering a spot to serve dinner, an umbrella over a table probably is the answer. If the mission is to cover a deck or a patio completely, the job probably is going to demand an awning. There are other answers to that bigger job ...

Custom Rolling Doors Suppliers

... rolling doors including stainless steel screen doors such as high lift, standard lift, vertical lift & side sliding doors with features including aluminum frame construction, standard commercial grade hardware, stainless steel wire mesh such as

19 Ways to Get More Energy, From Morning to Night

You want to fuel up and max out that hormone high. The plan: Lights! Action! Breakfast! It's so tempting to hit snooze when your alarm goes off in the morning ... Experts agree that banking a good night's sleep is the best way to have another ...

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Muted tones that work Roll-down, in-window shades work especially well in a 'nude' room as it creates a minimalistic look. Look for shades that complement your colour scheme. - For the most seamless nude look, match your wall to the shade of upholstery most used in the room.

Success Story: Weathergard Windows & Doors The product line, which is not just windows, includes interior and exterior doors, custom doors, skylights, shades and blinds, and full-service maintenance and repair. This new coating on double-pane windows suits sunny Taos by retaining sun

US Neighborhoods Anxiously Await Demise of 'Ugly' Outdoor Solar Screens in Lieu of OpTex Kickstarter Launch It was unbearable." Williams went ahead and made the screens for his windows. However, since Texton already manufactures Graphic Roller Shades, in which images, logos, and any sort of graphic can be printed onto the shade's material, he decided to

Birmingham Law Firm changes name to Baddley, Mauro & Yates to reflect new partner The firm is located on Shades Creek Parkway in Birmingham. "This leadership expansion to Other tenants in the Waites will include Club Pilates, Taco Mama, Farm Burger, Smoothie King, Blaze Pizza and Roll Up, a sushi concept. The retailers will

40 Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Burly Dad It's easy to impress Dad—all he really needs is a crayon-scribbled Father's Day card and his family sittin' round a campfire and he's fine. Well, that and some properly brewed pour-over coffee. And a new camp chair. That's all he needs. And a new pair

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