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that awesome chick says:

I've seen a lot of girls wearing over sized polo t shirts but I can never find any. They have some on the website but only in men so are they wearing the men's or is there a women's kind?? and for the baseball caps are those just men's too??...

Chase Adams says: They have Ralph Lauren for women. I would know because I have alot! It's my favorite store. The ones i like are Called ' Ralph Lauren Sport' and the hats guys tend to wear more but girls can too....

Ralph Lauren Polo Sport Women Eau de Toilette Spray 3.4 fl oz ...

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Ralph Lauren Even the most princess-worthy pieces weren't too far removed from the energy of the racetrack, with dramatic ball skirts and patent leather bustiers that recalled the primary color palette of sleek 1980s sports cars. That said, the classic elegance of

Ralph Lauren makes his cars the stars in elitist extravaganza Ralph Lauren , who has built a personal fortune of $5.8bn (£4.4bn) by distilling the top notes of affluent east coast society into blazers, polo shirts and perfumes, revived this concept on Tuesday evening with an ultra-exclusive runway show, bucking

Dinner in Ralph's Garage The show had been over mere minutes in Ralph Lauren's garage and Donna Karan was up out of her seat, phone at the ready to capture selfies with the cars on display. Never mind that there were professional photographers an arm's reach away — Karan 

Why The Timeless Polo Shirt Needs No Introduction The polo shirt is a true fashion classic that's weathered the passage of the centuries. Even today, it is a regular sight on the golf fairway, the racecourse, at yacht 

Polo Ralph Lauren launches customised shirts for U.S. Open ... Polo Ralph Lauren is offering customers customised shirts to coincide with the U.S. Open Tennis Championships.

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