Taking care of a rabbit?

Ryan says:

I have to take care of 3 rabbits for a year but i dont know what they will need and how much it will cost? Where they should live? Should they be together or separate? How much food do they eat a day? Etc.

Sabrina says: ONE: Buy an indoor rabbit cage. Rabbits are small, but they need a lot of room to move around. For an average-sized rabbit, you'll need a cage that's at least four feet wide, two feet deep, and two...

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Rabbit River produces Canada’s only cage-free white eggs

Life for Rabbit River Free Range Omega-3 Lohmanns is a considerable improvement over life in a cage. The birds are free range, meaning that weather permitting, they have on average eight hours a day of access to the outdoors, an area that totals six acres.

Rabbit Popularity Multiplies

Rabbits have grown tremendously in popularity as pets in the United States. Industry watchers, including the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association rate them close behind birds and aquarium fish. As the only small mammal to occupy the top-five ...

Can a rabbit and a guinea pig live together?

Cohabitation with guinea pigs is never a problem'. Other sources say that rabbits can bully guinea pigs so they don't eat properly. In addition, their different nutritional requirements, cage space and exercise needs mean that they are not ideally suited ...

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Down the rabbit hole of the summer ad campaign by Ndumiso Ndlela (@ndundlela) The great summer ad campaign idea is not inspired by where you end up in the rabbit hole but the process in the journey. It is the discoveries along the way that will inform one that resonates with your audience or

Rescuing endangered rabbits from fire danger With a wildfire sweeping towards one of the state's refuges for the pygmy rabbit, biologists and firefighters scrambled this summer to save as many endangered bunnies as they could. The Sutherland Canyon fire, started by lightning in late June, was

Here's Why Easter Is Bad for Bunnies And here's the reality: Although rabbits can make delightful companions, they're not easy-care pets. Vets and insurance companies consider them exotic pets, so medical care can be more expensive than for a cat or dog. Rabbits need a lot of exercise and

The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make As A New Rabbit Owner outdoor hutches have been around for centuries, but they were designed to house meat rabbits for a few months at a time, not beloved pet rabbits for years. And while you might see a wild rabbit happily running around your backyard, pet rabbits are

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