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Amelia says:

Hi! this might be long but jest bear with me here. ok, so i am thinking about sending my parents to oahu for their anneversary. the resort i am most interested in is the Turtle Bay resort. it seems really nice. uhm there is this package that you...

zafir says: You will get more responses if you post your question to the correct section. It's currently in Travel-Europe.

Pros and Cons of two job roles

In the future I would love to be a Freelance illustrator. I find this job role suitable for me because personally I don’t want to keep doing the same routine, and want to expand on my range of illustration skills. I’d like to self promote myself and become known for my art and be an inspiration to others. To me everything needs an illustration just like adding flavour to a meal. Freelancing...


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Orange Coast Magazine is the oldest continuously published lifestyle magazine in the region, bringing together Orange County¹s most affluent coastal communities through smart, fun, and timely editorial content, as well as compelling photographs and design. Each issue features an award-winning blend of celebrity and newsmaker profiles, service journalism, and authoritative articles on dining, fashion, home design, and travel. As Orange County¹s only paid subscription lifestyle magazine with...

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Quiksilver Boardrider's Club, Honolulu

This large beachwear store looks out onto one of the busiest streets in Waikiki. It gets a lot of traffic, but there's enough floor space to allow for unhurried browsing. The staff is young, local, enthusiastic and genuine. As one might guess from the name ...

Bali’s sea turtles get help on the Gold Coast

As Australians who travel there, we should all understand the problem and do our bit to help out. My kids are not used to seeing beaches left in that state, and it really hit home for them." Making the trip down to the Gold Coast from Baliwere Quiksilver ...

Surfing and Serenity on a Remote Philippine Island

We sat facing a weathered wood pagoda set in an emerald sea ... and it has amenities like an outdoor cinema and a private chef using organic produce from its farm. But it also had a $1,600-a-night price tag for two attached (rates have since dropped ...

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Ski The new film from Travis Rice, Depth Perception, brought to you by Quiksilver, is a masterclass in action-sport cinematography and backcountry freeriding. For any skiers or snowboarders itching to get to the mountains this winter, these stunning stills

Surf breaks and foie gras: the unusual dichotomy of Biarritz It wasn't long before Californian brands like Quiksilver made the Trans-Atlantic journey. The French Basque coast is currently home to lifestyle brands like DC, Ripcurl and Billabong, bringing a wealth of young, thrill-chasing designers. The region is

QUIKSILVER & ROXY ARE BRINGING THE STOKE TO BOARDMASTERS 2017 Globally reowned lifestyle brand Quiksilver and sister brand Roxy are excited to announce they'll be partnering the widely renowned Surf & Music Festival, Boardmasters for 2017. They'll be bringing even more stoke to the South West by merging their

Sammy Pupo wins Quiksilver Young guns and $10k Matt Hoy said that a week ago, while Indonesian dancers stood behind him and twirled their ornate dresses into the Sumatran night. It was the opening ceremony of the 2017 Quiksilver Young Guns Final and excitement (along with smoke from a brush fire

Clean waves great for the whole family A few of our top local juniors have used their school holiday time to travel around the country to compete. Ryley Smidt and Levi Woods are competing in the BL Blast Off on the northern beaches of Sydney. Both had good starts to the event with Ryley

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