PSP 3000 Accessories?

Tommy says:

What do you all out there think i should buy the PSP Road Kit Gear or the PSP Play Gear Pocket Slim. i want to know if anyone has any of these cases so i can see which one is stronger more space it holds any of those things can anyone make a...

Wolfflow says: This is better in my opinion↓ -♪Believe me, my brother has the PSP Play Gear Pocket Slim, and with the amount of times he throws his PSP, he needs it. I consider it very durable, and it secures the...

PSP Super Travel Case With Pockets | Psp 3000

CTA Digital PS-LCP CTA DIGITAL PS-LCP PSP Case with Pockets. The Super Travel Case is constructed of a durable rubber shell, double zipper enclosure and a heavy-duty bag clip. The interior has two separate compartments that are divided by a flap with slots that holds 2 UMD disks. The PSP is securely held by locking the center flap; a super design feature that...

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Sony PlayStation Vita First Edition

Its screen is flanked by two analog thumb sticks ... I use it with my iPad 2 whenever I travel. The Vita's games operate off of proprietary Sony flash media that most resemble SD cards. There is no support for the PSP's UMD disc, but the ...

Sony PlayStation Vita

I was a little surprised that the Vita lacks any kind of video output, unlike the PSP-2000 and 3000. I think video-out remains an important ... so I turned those controls off. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3: while I found this chaotic fighting game a lot ...

10 Reasons the PSP Failed, and What Sony Can Do to Fix It.

The PSP's previous iteration, the PSP 3000, continues to outsell the Go to this day ... There were even some customers who thought the plastic case was just more packaging, ripping the disc out from inside without realizing they had just ...

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