Which stores sell phiten necklaces?

Animal Lover <3 says:

My parents don't like buying things from the Internet lol. So are there any stores that sell phitens? My birthday is comin up and I really want one. Can you get them at mc sports or finish line or somethin?

Mau Loa says: sport chalet, dicks and sporting goods stores i've seen them there :]

Phiten Titanium X30 Edge Necklace $5.99 (Retail $30) - Sports Mom

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What's Up With Those Necklaces MLB Players Wear? Did you watch the World Series? You may have noticed something hanging around the necks of players on both sides -- a twisted rope necklace in a variety of colors. I became curious about it and searched the internet to find out what they are. And the

Titanium Baseball Neckwear Big on Hype, Short on Science Phiten, if you don't know, manufactures a series of "health bands" – like the models that have proliferated throughout MLB clubhouses – which they claim can reduce fatigue and speed up recovery after hard workouts and intense competitions. And

S'pore Swimming gets sports health technology firm Phiten on board as sponsor The three-year arrangement will see the Japanese sports-health technology company providing support of more than S$100,000 yearly in cash and in kind. Phiten, which produces wellness-related products such as apparel, athletic tape, supports and braces

Phiten (Maker Of Those Titanium Necklaces) Inks NHL Licensing Deal If the Phiten name rings a bell but you can't quite put your finger on it - that's the company that makes those titanium necklaces you see on more and more Major League Baseball players. You may have noticed one draped around the neck of Justin

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