TISSOT T-Touch Watch compass, is it damaged?

Patricia y Alfredo says:

I do have a TISSOT T-Touch Watch, I think it´s nice and a good watch, but now the compass is always pointing to the 9 position on the watch and it doesn´t change if I rotate the watch. What is wrong? How do I fix it? Is it a matter of calibration...

Fly Guy says: Did you try it outdoors? Is there maybe a metal object near (other than the watch), and try holding it horizontally. If it worked before, I'm afraid something is wrong with it. Is it a genuine one...

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Surf report: Gadgets for the Great Outdoors

It's exemplary of how cool gadgets don't need bells and whistles but can instead rely on fantastic, highly functional design. For your next nature photo shoot, carry your gear in Lowepro's Photo Sport Pro 30L AW ($200). The high-capacity bag ...

Casio Men's Pro Trek Alarm Chronograph Watch

It includes stopwatch and countdown timers - not on my must have feature list but nice to have and I do occasionally need them. Finally it's water resistant - I need that largely because I'm quite capable of forgetting I'm wearing a watch when I have a bath!

Timberland HT2 Outdoor Performance Watch Gives You Time, Temp, Compass and More

If you by some miracle find yourself in the great outdoors this winter, what better accoutrement for your wrist than his Timberland HT2 outdoor performance watch? It has dials on top of dials, of course showing the time in both analog and digital form for ...

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Tackle The Great Outdoors With Casio's Latest PRO TREK Timepieces PRO TREK is a line of men's watches designed and engineered to make them essential pieces of outdoor gear including Tough Solar Power, Triple Sensor Technology (i.e. altimeter/barometer, digital compass and thermometer), low temperature and water 

Garmin Fenix 5X review and an attractive albeit heavy build. It's expensive, but for serious outdoor enthusiasts it's hard to beat. available to make the watch do more. Onboard sensors include - deep breath - GPS, GLONASS, optical heart rate (HR), barometric

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On the Road: Fall is a great time for camping in Northern California We're blessed, living in Central and Northern California, to have wonderful options within a few hours in any of the four compass directions. Our weather can remain pleasant until well into November or December, so let's get planning a few camping

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