soft box umbrella or reflector? don't know what to choose?

Sabrina says:

i really want to do portraiture as a profession and i have a long way to go and i want to practice lighting, obviously cause ill need it, but what is the best one to get, soft box, umbrella or reflector? and what size?

D700 dug says: What lighting are you using ? Reflectors outdoors are OK but you need a good assistant to hold it in the right place. I prefer just good fill flash for most work or find natural reflectors and...

Many Benefits Of Outdoor Umbrellas -

Nowadays, outdoor umbrellas act as the temporary shelters for a wide range of purposes. They are the best choice when it comes to using in patios. Based on the size of their patio, homeowners can go for umbrellas of any size, design and color. Like many other products purchased online these days, these shelters can also be procured online. When you are thinking about the uses of placing...

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Virginia company offers umbrellas by design

Patio umbrellas are like outdoor window treatments, adding ambiance and personality to outdoor spaces.">Emily's Umbrellas in Winchester, Va., offers single-sided and reversible outdoor umbrellas that can be personalized ...

Wallingford relaxes rules on outdoor dining

Patrons seated outdoors will now be allowed to order alcoholic beverages without ordering food. They also will be allowed to drink out of bottles. Previously, waiters were required to pour drinks indoors before serving them outside. Umbrellas over outdoor ...

Export Now Launches Flagship Online Store for Totes in China

The Totes brand offers a full line of rain umbrellas, outdoor umbrellas, sun umbrellas and children's umbrellas, while the ISOTONER brand of products offers a full line of winter gloves, leather gloves, stretch leather gloves and stretch classic ...

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Take it outside: the shows pushing dancers out of their comfort zone London's Dance Umbrella festival, which has a long record of taking dance outside the theatre, issued a telling edict for its opening outdoor show: “No umbrellas.” The organisers knew well that the weather is a capricious scenographer, and that

Let's take a rain check: here's what you need to survive London's rainy days It uses your home wi-fi and consists of two aluminium units (for indoors and outdoors) and a rain gauge you can buy separately and connect to your phone (£59). It'll tell you An umbrella will keep you dry, but the same might not be said for your

Relax and get outdoors with a new look The new-look courtyard features three large shade umbrellas, three new tables and 18 new chairs. Mrs Kelly thanked staff and visitors at the hospital for supporting the General Volunteers' fundraisers, which made the refurbishment possible. She also

Just a short trip to Presque Isle Speaking of umbrellas, have you ever seen anybody jogging or running while holding an umbrella? I did just last Friday. It looked like a scene from Abbott & Costello movie. As much as the man There are many functions by the park environmental

Colectivo Coffee Finds A Home In Chicago Their first cafe opening beyond the jokingly-disputed Wisconsin-Illinois border is a roomy Lincoln Park indoor-outdoor space meant to continue the vibes of coffee, community, and outdoor gathering the company's made work so well in Milwaukee and

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