Any running heart rate/gps watch suggestions?

Melissa says:

I do long road runs quite a bit and am looking into buying a gps watch. I used to have a polar heart rate monitor (ft4) but misplaced it. It was great for telling me the calories burned but I really need one that tells me distance and pace, too....

mr. c says: the Nike+ Sport Watch ( ) is simply great :) i use mine mostly while biking (thus seriously interested in the newer TomTom...

TomTom makes own-brand GPS sports watches, no Nike swoosh in ...

When it comes to GPS sport devices, TomTom has decided that it doesn't need to linger under Nike's wing anymore. An update to the Dutch company's website has just revealed a pair of wearables that is meant to bring a whole new level of "simplicity" to exercisers. The TomTom Runner (pictured left) is, unsurprisingly, designed for joggers, while the waterproof Multi-Sport (right) can...

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Nike, Strava and Instagram: 10 of the best apps for runners As you pile on the miles you may prefer to invest in a sportwatch such as those made by Garmin, Samsung or Fitbit – if funds allow, try to buy one with a built-in heart rate monitor and music storage, such as the Apple Watch 2, LG Watch Sport or the

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