What, exactly, does the Apple Nike + iPod Sport Kit do?

susanmaried says:

Does it tell you, while you are running, how far you have gone? Does it tell you how long you have been running? I just started a running regimen that uses interval training and I want to know if the Nike/iPod Sport Kit will be helpful. Thanks!

! says: The Apple Nike + iPod Sport Kit requires you to get a specific Nike + shoe, which allows you to place a sensor beneath the insole. The sensor tracks your run, then sends the data to your iPod....

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Nike+ iPod Sport Kit AnyShoe Adapter

Have a hankering for the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit, but don't feel like shelling out nearly 100 clams for those special Nike shoes? Now you can attach the SwitchEasy RunAway AnyShoe Adapter to the shoelaces of any ol' shoes and slip that little sensor inside ...

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DIY Emergency Button: Hack a Nike + iPod Sport Kit to Create an Elder-Alert System The kit consists of a diminutive RF transmitter and a matching receiver dongle that plugs into a second-generation-or-later iPod Touch. The transmitter, normally attached to the laces of running shoes, emits a signal with each footfall, allowing the

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