need an outdoors puppy name?

=] says:

getting a beagle baby boy within the next few months :) boyfriend is really into outdoorsy activities, so thought it'd be cute to name the pup something like a brand name for REI or something. Examples (but don't want these ones. . . ) haha....

Ellie May says: Rio means river in Portuguese. Remington and Ruger are gun names. Trapper or tracker maybe even just Track. My daddy had a champion coon dog named Knot as in pine knot. If ur bf has a favorite...



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Preston Pittman Teams Up With MOJO Outdoors

MOJO is famous for motion decoys that not only attract game, but also divert attention AWAY from the hunter. This is a specially designed, realistic full body remote controlled decoy that has real turkey motion, not just a raising and lowering fan.

Reader E-Mails: The MOJO Shake-N-Jake

This past February I wrote about a new motion decoy from MOJO Outdoors, the Shake-N-Jake. In that post, I questioned the ethics/sportsmanship of using a decoy such as this. We can’t use electronic calls – why are motorized decoys OK? Well, no one ...

Turkey Hunters: What do you Think of MOJO’s New Motion Decoy?

But I’m not sure what to think of this new product. Behold the new moving turkey decoy from Mojo Outdoors, the Shake-n-Jake, coming soon to a retailer near you. (Check out this video from the 2013 SHOT Show.) According to the website: “This is a ...

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Pennsylvania Approves Use of MOJO Electronic Duck Decoys “We've offered non-motorized decoy options for years but this decision will be a great benefit to the Pennsylvania waterfowl community,” says Stevie Fry, Marketing Director at MOJO Outdoors. “We will now be able to share our successful practices and 

SPILGER: New fowl weather gear for fall Motion decoy maker Mojo introduced the new King Mallard this season. It features a built in remote receiver, and the operating components are now housed inside a single unit to reduce vibration and noise. The spinning wings also feature more realistic 

TEXAS OUTDOORS: Time to shake the rust out of your barrel, it's dove season! SAN ANTONIO - It's almost like Christmas, except it's usually hot, and instead of unwrapping presents you're more likely to be unwrapping a new Mojo decoy or a case of shotgun shells. Dove season is a family tradition for a lot of Texans. Some

Hunter takes 'Big John,' a bear captured by state biologists twice Molly, Mojo and Tango and the 538-pound black bear that DeSantis shot on Saturday while hunting in Township 42. The bear was known as "Big John," named after BDN outdoors editor John Holyoke, and had been caught by state wildlife biologists twice.

How This Popular Energy Bar Came Up With Its Name and Iconic Package Design During a drive one day, Erickson thought of his father, Clifford, who had introduced him to the outdoors and occasionally signed his name as "Clif." Gilmour loved the idea and quickly got to work brand, like the Nike logo," said Erickson. Gilmour

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