Where can I find MENS BURBERRY square cut swim trunks?

williamstance says:

Hi, I am looking for some Mens square cut swim trunks, and checked both the Euro Burberry and American site. I found some on ebay, though they arent my size. All the ones on the site are either board shorts, or regular cut shorts, or a speedo....

Lapswim says: I use a TYR alliance square cut swim trunks. You can get them by mail from Kiefer sports. They are great for lap swimming and I think they should work for you all so.

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Can't find something to wear to dinner on Hilton Head Island or Bluffton? Here's a hint To get the look, grab a brightly colored or patterned shirt or blouse, sports coats or jackets for men, fashionable jackets for women, dressy slacks, skirts, loafers for men and closed-toed pumps for the ladies. It's definitely not swim trunks and

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