How Can I do a nature theme?

Forever Mine says:

After a ton of debate, I finally used my common sense and decided to bring the nature theme of the ceremony into the reception. The ceremony is an outdoor park/vally with a old well and bridge, so it has that timeless rustic outdoors feel :) Is...

Stephanie Alvarez says: For decor you can purchase large urns at a home improvement store and fill them with tall branches. Place them around the room to get an outdoor feeling and have lighting underneath to cast a...

Large Outdoor Urns and Decorative Planters - Squidoo

Garden urn planters can create very beautiful outdoor decor all year round. During those dreary winter months when the sun doesn't shine as long as we would like; its great to have an uplifting planter stationed on your doorstep! It's equally as nice to have a vibrant colourful display during the warmer weather.

I'm Canadian, so I know about winter whether I like it or not....

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Urns can command large sums

Large urns were made by the end of the 18th century to be used ... Teco advertised that it made "architectural terra cotta, Teco and garden pottery and wall, floor and art tile" until 1917 or later. Q: Years ago, I took a chance and won a ...

Spectacular gardens on the French Riviera

This garden has two large square lawn areas each with 12 boxwood balls dotted around them with a large urn on a plinth in the centre. Narrow gravel paths have been cut around the lawns in geometric patterns as a substitute for the formal ...

Large plots not needed to grow veggies

Renting a plot in a Community Garden, a corner in the back yard ... Cucumbers cascading over the edges of a large urn? Peas or pole beans climbing up your fence or privacy trellis? Asparagus and herbs in your perennial bed? Tumbling cherry tomatoes ...

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Where to recycle old holiday lights, how to put together festive containers and other outdoor decorating tips This large urn is overflowing with pine, blue spruce and fir branches, plus winterberry and pine cones. Critters have been known to cause damage when they chew on outdoor lighting. They are most likely mistaking small lights for nuts, or wire for branches.

Mt. Upton couple resurrects the past through cemetery preservation “We dated by working in cemeteries. I liked being outdoors, liked working, liked history. “Open Urn,” believed to have apprenticed under Stewart, frequently carved stones with space for a large urn and willow at the top. Working in the mid-1820's

Learning from loss: Family of 16-year-old who committed suicide hopes his story will save a life Just last month, White, 46, went to a suicide prevention forum at Merrimack Valley High School, asking that more be done for his son and others who were struggling with depression. “This is one of those things that's so important that it needs to be

Art loving world traveler settles into unassuming space with an eclectic spirit Just beyond is a large round dining table surrounded by six Ludwig Mies van der Rohe tubular Brno chairs Christie picked up, and an Italian spiderlike chandelier dangles more than a dozen lights downward. Almost pulsing to life is Lu Zhengyuan's

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