where can i get prescription eye wear for sports?

wheeljack27 says:

i just recently had to start wearing glasses and found that it really sux when playing sports or working out. i see some pro athletes that wear glasses and wondered where i can get these from? i'm looking for just clear prescription lenses. i've...

dwc_frr74 says: CHeck out "Rec Specs" , when I was a kid, those were a good, affordable option for sports use glasses. With Oakley, you are paying for distortion free, impact resistant, ANSI 7.21 safety certified...

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ADS Sports Eyewear Announces $39.00 Rec Specs Lens Promotion

ADS Sports Eyewear has implemented a special promotion to help the parents of these active, growing kids by offering prescription lenses for $30.00. These are unbreakable polycarbonate lenses that block 100% of UV light. The $39.00 Rec Specs prescription ...

The Optical Shop of Westport moving to Post Road West

WESTPORT -- The Optical Shop of Westport has a new home. The long-time business will open its more spacious location at 420 Post Road West on Saturday. To mark the occasion, the business will hold a benefit for "New Eyes for the Needy," a nonprofit ...

For Twins' Vance Worley, black-rimmed glasses ... but no 'Wild Thing'

Vance Worley wears prescription eyeglasses ... I try to wear my regular glasses as often as I can. BS: Have you heard from parents who've said you've helped make wearing glasses cool for their kids? VW: Yes. When I was with Philly, there was a lot of ...

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At one Baltimore public charter school, there's always time for a checkup program combining traditional school health services with an enhanced model that includes services such as checkups, sports physicals, immunizations, treatment of acute illnesses and injuries, and prescription medication delivery. "The school-based

From Playground Hero to Rikers Island: The Tragedy of Fly Williams As a kid, Fly dominated a booming New York street basketball scene. Local competition included future NBA players, like World B. Free and Al Skinner, but Fly always stood out. He was equal parts thrilling and unpredictable, as likely to show up and

GogglesNMore.com Launches Innovative Purchase Protection for ... Coral Gables, Florida (PRWEB) September 22, 2017 -- While already well known for carrying the best-valued, most durable prescription sports goggles, glasses,

Optometrist: There are 'serious risks' to watching the eclipse — even with eclipse glasses "There are serious risks associated with viewing a solar eclipse directly, even when using solar filter glasses," Schecter warned in a Facebook post that went up last Friday. His admonition shot across social media this week, garnering nearly half a

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