where can i get prescription eye wear for sports?

wheeljack27 says:

i just recently had to start wearing glasses and found that it really sux when playing sports or working out. i see some pro athletes that wear glasses and wondered where i can get these from? i'm looking for just clear prescription lenses. i've...

dwc_frr74 says: CHeck out "Rec Specs" , when I was a kid, those were a good, affordable option for sports use glasses. With Oakley, you are paying for distortion free, impact resistant, ANSI 7.21 safety certified...

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ADS Sports Eyewear Announces $39.00 Rec Specs Lens Promotion

ADS Sports Eyewear has implemented a special promotion to help the parents of these active, growing kids by offering prescription lenses for $30.00. These are unbreakable polycarbonate lenses that block 100% of UV light. The $39.00 Rec Specs prescription ...

The Optical Shop of Westport moving to Post Road West

WESTPORT -- The Optical Shop of Westport has a new home. The long-time business will open its more spacious location at 420 Post Road West on Saturday. To mark the occasion, the business will hold a benefit for "New Eyes for the Needy," a nonprofit ...

For Twins' Vance Worley, black-rimmed glasses ... but no 'Wild Thing'

Vance Worley wears prescription eyeglasses ... I try to wear my regular glasses as often as I can. BS: Have you heard from parents who've said you've helped make wearing glasses cool for their kids? VW: Yes. When I was with Philly, there was a lot of ...

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GogglesNMore.com Launches Innovative Purchase Protection for Prescription Sports Goggles & Glasses While already well known for carrying the best-valued, most durable prescription sports goggles, glasses, and sunglasses around, GogglesNMore has just launched an innovative, market-leading protection plan (GogglesNMore Extra Care) for their products

Kingston new briefs: Oct. 13 You'll hear live music, and kids activities enhance the experience with Miss Margaret from Plymouth Public Library hosting Plymouth Story Time at 4 p.m. The Market also features face painting, balloon animals and temporary tattoos for kids. Massage

Here are the Daily News Hometown Heroes in Education for 2017 Stewart, 39, began assembling various sports teams at the Manhattan school for kids dealing with severe challenges in 2006, just four years after he started working there. He dubbed his teams Gomez teaches her students how to create eyeglasses

Optometrist: There are 'serious risks' to watching the eclipse — even with eclipse glasses Schecter wrote the post after discussing the eclipse in a Facebook group for optometrists, he said. His main concern is for children viewing the eclipse without thorough supervision. Eclipse glasses render everything dark except the eclipse itself

Round Rock kids design and sell solar eclipse sunglasses ROUND ROCK, Texas (KXAN) — Karina and Garrett Schmitt are two young adult entrepreneurs who have invented glasses which make it safe to view the solar eclipse on Aug. 21. The Round Rock kids are selling their glasses online and at flea markets and 

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