where can i get prescription eye wear for sports?

wheeljack27 says:

i just recently had to start wearing glasses and found that it really sux when playing sports or working out. i see some pro athletes that wear glasses and wondered where i can get these from? i'm looking for just clear prescription lenses. i've...

dwc_frr74 says: CHeck out "Rec Specs" , when I was a kid, those were a good, affordable option for sports use glasses. With Oakley, you are paying for distortion free, impact resistant, ANSI 7.21 safety certified...

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ADS Sports Eyewear Announces $39.00 Rec Specs Lens Promotion

ADS Sports Eyewear has implemented a special promotion to help the parents of these active, growing kids by offering prescription lenses for $30.00. These are unbreakable polycarbonate lenses that block 100% of UV light. The $39.00 Rec Specs prescription ...

The Optical Shop of Westport moving to Post Road West

WESTPORT -- The Optical Shop of Westport has a new home. The long-time business will open its more spacious location at 420 Post Road West on Saturday. To mark the occasion, the business will hold a benefit for "New Eyes for the Needy," a nonprofit ...

For Twins' Vance Worley, black-rimmed glasses ... but no 'Wild Thing'

Vance Worley wears prescription eyeglasses ... I try to wear my regular glasses as often as I can. BS: Have you heard from parents who've said you've helped make wearing glasses cool for their kids? VW: Yes. When I was with Philly, there was a lot of ...

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Does your child need vision correction? 5 signs they may need glasses Protective eyewear can prevent 90 percent of eye injuries in sports. And while prescription eyeglasses help your child see better, they actually are not enough to protect them while playing sports. Instead, kids playing sports should wear glasses with 

Ian Leatherman's mastery on the mound helps Jenison baseball improve to 20-2 Jenison senior Ian Leatherman pitches to Union's Christopher Cranson in Game 1 of a doubleheader on Tuesday, May 15, 2018. Leatherman, who has committed to play baseball at Central Michigan, struck out 13 batters in five innings of a 10-0 win. (Photo 

CMO interview: How BBC Studios' marketing lead builds brand purpose and growth Take its content offering, BBC Earth, a 360-degree brand that encompasses Earth channels in multiple countries, support and supply of 4D and giant screen films for museums globally, book publishing for all landmark series, and children books. On top of

Amazon Alexa Could Make These Smart Glasses Way Better Than Google Glass Amazon's Alexa software has already made its way into just about every Internet-connected device you can imagine, like smartwatches, lamps, and refrigerators, to name just a few. Next, Amazon's voice-enabled digital assistant could live in your glasses.

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