Keurig Mini Brewer - 4" Travel Mug?

♥Kitty143Cat♥ says:

I'm looking for a 12 oz, 4" travel mug in the shape of a mug does anyone have suggestions. The mug doesn't have to be 12 oz but it can't be any taller than 4" otherwise it won't fit under my brewer. mardaw - I do know that I can remove it but that...

mardaw says: Did you know that you can remove the little stainless steel drip tray to accommodate a larger cup? At least you can with other models. If this will work with your model, they have a nice travel...

NSF Certification Extends Keurig's Foodservice Reach - Vending Times

READING, MA -- The National Sanitation Foundation has certified Keurig K150 commercial brewers for use in foodservice locations. It's the first small- to medium-capacity brewer from Keurig to receive NSF certification for foodservice.

Single-cup brewers simplify foodservice operation by alleviating the need for separate pots or urns of coffee for regular, decaffeinated and flavored...

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Kona for Keurig?

Why use a Keurig if you are going to do that?" Agree completely. We have one of the refillable K cups. Defeats the purpose. The K-cups vary widely by amount of coffee per k-cup. If you like a 16oz travel mug as I do, you need to go with ...

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc expands the Keurig Vue Series, adding the Vue V500 Brewing System

to 16 oz. travel mug Removable 60 oz. water reservoir Removable drip tray with adjustable plate Brews in under one minute The Vue® V500 brewer marks the third addition to the family of Keurig® Vue® at-home models, joining the Vue® V700 and V600 brewers.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. Expands Presence in Foodservice

Company announces NSF certification for its Keurig K150 Series Commercial Brewing System Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc., (GMCR) (NASDAQ: GMCR), a leader in specialty coffee and coffee makers, today announces its Keurig® K150 Series ...

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The 8 Best Single Serve Coffee Makers With The Highest Amazon Reviews The best-selling Keurig K55 Single Serve Coffee Maker stands apart from the pack for several reasons, including this cool detail: it can brew multiple K-cup pod sizes for six, eight, and 10 ounce cups. For this reason, those of you who love the

Tracy O'Connor: Mother's Day gift ideas Whether Mom is hitting an early yoga class or headed to the office in a rush,, the K55 will have her coffee or tea ready in under a minute. And for on-the-go Moms, the Keurig 12 oz. Rose Quartz Colored Travel Mug is the perfect complement to her brewer

Enjoying the coffee addiction I often joke that I am addicted to coffee, a self-proclaimed coffee-aholic if you will. To a certain degree, it is true. The first thing I do every morning is turn on the coffee pot. A few years ago, when I had a normal coffeepot, I would brew a 12-cup

This Mug Will Brew Your Coffee DURING Your Morning Commute The cup is essentially a mini Keurig coffee machine. It accepts any packaged pod, which means the AnyCafé isn't just for coffee on the run. You can make Campbell's soup, hot cocoa, or even cold medicine with the travel mug. The unassuming little

This travel mug can brew coffee Noting a crowded space dominated by coffee retail giants like Starbucks and Keurig, venture capitalist Nir Liberboim asked how Mojoe could set itself apart. "Mojoe isn't here to replace your coffee maker, or Keurig at home on your kitchen counter

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