Jabra Bluetooth Headset?

MrsBurny says:

Just bought Bluetooth headset (Jabra Sport) and I was wondering, can I use it while taking a shower? since it says "Rain, sweat and shock protection. US Military Standard". Rain = shower? and whats US Military Standard?

Customer Care says: No, you cannot wear your Jabra Sport in the shower and expect it to continue to function afterwards. The spec calls for water resistance, not that the unit is water proof. Running in the rain is...

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Jabra's sport earbuds are a quality product, but come at a cost Jabra calls its Elite Sport line ($249.99) the most technically advanced true wireless earbuds, with features far beyond great sound making this a superb product. True wireless means really wireless – there's not even a cable connecting each earbud

Review: The Jabra Elite Sport | GulfNews.com I spent the last few weeks with the new Jabra Elite Sport, which the brand claim are the “…most technically advanced true wireless sports earbuds”. (TLDR: Yes 

Jabra's sport headphones are attractive but pricey The Jabra Elite Sport wireless headphones are attractive right out of the box: black and sleek, with a smoothly tactile Danish design. They are accessorised with a selection of foam tips, ear gels and ear wings in several sizes, making it easy to get a

Good Plan: The Jabra Sport Pace Wireless headphones are on sale! It concerns the Jabra Sport Pace Wireless, currently on promotion on the site of Darty. With the 30% discount, you can get the earphones at only 69 euros . Admit it's worth it! To help you make your choice, we suggest you to discover the product in

Great Workout Headphones Jabra Sport Coach Wireless. This pair of Bluetooth headphones offers some extra motivation. It comes with an integrated cross-training app that lets you choose from more than 50 exercises. It also includes a built-in mic, integrated volume controls

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