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Banded collar, bowling, button-down, camp, crew neck, denim, dress ... Lycra shirts, polo shirts, long sleeve shirts & short sleeve shirts. Shirts are available for mens' & ladies' use in different sizes & styles & can be customized as per specifications.

COKER: IZOD relationship a stain on Indy 500

But what, you may ask, does this have to do with tax breaks for the Indianapolis 500? Simply that, as the old saying goes, when you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas! Many times state and local governments find themselves extending tax and bonding ...

A Tale Of Two Tennis Shirts

But the shirts created by René Lacoste and Fred Perry stopped being about tennis a long time ago. From an advertising standpoint, tennis is the sport most associated with luxury. If you want proof, just open a magazine and find the ad featuring one of the ...

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The Kenneth Bone Effect For those who can't (or don't want to) buy the sweater, there are also T-shirts that salute Mr. Bone. One website offered a tee with a cartoonish print of him on the front, and another referred to “the Bone Zone Izod, which must have been over the

Unstarched Shirt When the American company Izod brought the Lacoste shirt to the United States in the 1950s, offered in colors livelier than Wimbledon white, it assumed its destiny among preppies. To complete a costume radiating vernal energy, a fellow would pick one

What Happened to J. Crew? J. Crew's store at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. Not long ago, the brand thrived; now the company is in upheaval. Credit Stefania Curto for The . I was on my fourth J. Crew when I noticed it, the small signage that explained the large problem

Can Coach Create an American Fashion Empire? In 2000, a company called Pegasus Apparel Group was founded with private equity money and a big idea: Buy a group of fashion brands based in the United States and create a homegrown version of the major European luxury conglomerates. It snapped up 

What to Wear Golfing Does the world's number two-ranked player's routine meet with former deputy editor Matt Tuthill's approval? by Declan O'Kelly. Rory McIlroy. Courtesy of Nike. Thought golf was all about putting a little white ball in a hole? Think again. There is a lot

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