How do I grow Bamboo outdoors?

kbrat says:

I want to grow Bamboo in my back patio area. Is it true that if I just throw some bamboo back their that it will spread and grow on its own? If not what do I have to do, buy seeds or something? Help....BTW, I live on Long Island....

ArleneV says: Bamboo is an outdoor species (whether it is a plant or grass is a hot debate) so it should grow fine outdoors with plenty of moderate sunlight and plenty of water (it drinks it fast and is an...

How to grow runner beans and French beans -

Most varieties will produce good yields, but this year I’m trying three new (to me at least) varieties as well as my favourite Kings Seeds’ Barlotta Lingua di Fuoco ( ). They look so exotic as their pods turn red, and if you leave them on the plant to dry out the speckly bird’s egg-like beans inside the pod are almost creamy when cooked.

My other beans this...


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Malverne bans 'destructive' bamboo

Under the new village law, residents are prohibited from planting, growing or maintaining bamboo on outdoor property; indoor plantings are allowed. The building department has the authority to issue summonses once a week if the owner fails to ...

Ministry of environment and forests wants states to free bamboo grown on private land

At present, no permission or licence is needed to grow bamboo on private land ... to encourage planting of bamboos in areas outside forests including private lands. The Centre was promoting bamboo plantations through various schemes with ...

How to grow runner beans and French beans

It has been bred to have smooth and stringless pods, as has Marshalls’ Runner bean ‘Stardust’ (, which has attractive white flowers ... it if wind is not a problem. Some people just leave one plant to grow up each cane ...

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BAMBOO DECKING SHOOTS TO THRIVE IN THE GREAT OUTDOORS “Bamboo is actually a grass. It can grow up to 36 inches a day,” says Fortress Deck's A.J. Jesiolowski. “It will reach full height within one year, although the best time to harvest is five to seven years.” Consequently, bamboo has long been a staple

Shady Characters Bamboo palms grow in clumps of graceful slender 0.5-1.5 inch diameter stems that grow up to 8-12 feet. The clumps expand slowly over time without Consider its basic requirements outdoors in the RGV: Lady Palm grows best in at least half shade.

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FORTE: Chrysanthemums steal the show | St. Catharines Standard If you love the warm yellow, oranges and reds of autumn, stop by the central house at the Floral Showhouse where 235 exhibition, bush, cushion and cascade 

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