Goped sport questions?

ruboy11 says:

Hey guys, I wanted to buy a goped sport and needed some help. if you have owned a goped, please help me out. 1. The goped sport cost around $500, is it worth the money. 2. how often does the goped sport breakdown, and what are the first things...

Gabriel P says: 1 The Go-Ped brand has been around for 25 years and the only manufacturer in the USA. They got the best customer support, available replacement parts, and unmatched quality so yes they are worth...


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Go-Ped Sport Gas Powered Scooter

Motorized scooter dealer,, has listed the Go-Ped Sport gas scooter in its comparison shopping engine, The Marketplace ... It took new innovations from Goped itself to take stand-up scooter technology to the next level.

Teen racers ready for regatta run

“If the sport is going to grow, there has to be a mentor who is willing ... Marney has become familiar with all the moving parts of the Chevrolet 283 engine. Gallup said the boat racing community is a tight-knit group. “Any one of them will help ...

People need protection from loophole in Go-ped law, says judge

Geraldine Kelly, appearing for the police, told the High Court that the status of the scooters, which are powered by a 22.5cc two-stroke direct drive engine, caused confusion ... and were designed for "sport" and use on private land.

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The origins of Silicon Valley's office playgrounds The culture of curiosity behind today's internet and software pioneers runs as an unbroken thread from Silicon Valley, through the research engines of many of the world's great corporations right back to the Menlo Park Laboratory and the ideas that

Go-ped legislation reminder Police Scotland in Dumfries and Galloway Division have noticed that there are a number of primary school aged children who are using electric scooter/buzz boards on the public roads and footpaths. Go-peds (also known as buzz boards) are basically skate

Scooters save on gas, but are they skirting the law? He opts for his Go-Ped Sport, a scooter resembling a skateboard with handlebars and an engine strapped to the back. It gets 100 miles to the gallon using a small gas-oil-fueled engine, which suits his wallet just fine during a summer of record-setting

Motorized bicycles sometimes cross moped line, police say As gas prices accelerate toward $4 a gallon, these regular pedal bicycles fitted with little gas engines can zip riders around effortlessly while achieving 100 miles per gallon. And, best of all, many of the bikes' fans believe, you don't need a

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