Is cheerleading a sport?

Jess says:

I was wondering who thinks that cheerleading is a sport.

NYC fan says: A sport is a competition in which success depends on the competitor's physical athletic skills. The classification of a "sport" has nothing to do with how difficult an activity is. Some sports...

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Gosport watch manager praised for keeping couple calm during fire

A COUPLE had to flee their home after a chip pan caught fire. They were alerted by the smoke detector in their maisonette in Heritage Way, Priddy’s Hard, Gosport. A spokesman for Hampshire Fire and Rescue praised Gosport Fire Station watch manager Paul ...

Gosport Regatta

Be sure to get there early to make sure you can find parking. 2. Gosport Regatta: The fourth annual Gosport Regatta will set sail from the start line in the Piscataqua River basin on Saturday at 11 a.m. The centerpiece of the conference is a sail race that ...

Gosport UMC Fish Fry Is June 15th

The Gosport United Methodist Church will host its annual fish fry on Saturday, June 15, from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in the church’s fellowship hall, located at the corner of 7th and North streets in Gosport. Handicap accessibility will be ...

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Falklands veterans mark 35th anniversary in Gosport Hundreds of Falklands veterans have marched through Gosport on the 35th anniversary of the conflict. British troops began landing on the islands in the South Atlantic on 21 May 1982. The Hampshire town, which is home to the Falklands Veterans 

Former Victorian naval base armed during both world wars and used as a signal unit during D-Day to undergo £20m ... A DERELICT naval fort which played a crucial part in D-Day is to undergo an incredible £20million transformation into luxury waterfront homes. Fort Gilkicker at Stokes Bay in Gosport, Hants, was built in 1871 to defend ships anchored in the River

Antoine Griezmann: Atletico Madrid forward 'ready to go' to win titles "I'm ready to go." Atletico finished third in La Liga and were knocked out in the Champions League semi-finals by Real Madrid. "I want to win titles," added Griezmann. "We finished third in La Liga, it was the objective of the club, but we, the players

Laval's Patrick Farias earns Lait's Go Sport Ambassador bursary Patrick Farias of the McGill University men's track and field team and Simonne Couture, a swimmer from the Sherbrooke Vert and Or each received a $5,000 scholarship, Wednesday, as winners of the Lait's Go Sport Ambassadors Program, in conjunction with 

Where Did the Great Hollywood Baseball Movie Go? My pseudoscientific interest in the sport has long since passed — there was a time when I would dive into any statistical study with the same delight as a biology student first dissecting a frog and seeing how all the organs connect beneath the surface.

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