Where can I find an inexpensive garden Buddha statue?

David M says:

I'm looking for a garden (outdoor) Buddha statue. Material can be stone, concrete, or any variety of composite that will withstand the outdoors. Most vendors I have found cater to the trendy set. This is for a Theravada Buddhist non profit and we...

Papa McCain says: How inexpensive is inexpensive. I've searched many sites and almost all 36" Buddhas are in the low $200's. If you live anywhere close to the Mexican border, you can pick up plaster Buddhas for a...

Sin central - The Age

The Predator is rising out of the ground in front of me. Near this representation of the science-fiction alien is a whisky bottle balanced on a leering red skull, a warning of the evils of the demon drink. Nearby is a tree hung with demonic white heads. I think I'm not in Kansas any more, Toto.

Where I am is northern Thailand, at Wat Rong Khun, near the city of Chiang Rai. The White...


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At Dwell, we're staging a minor revolution. We think that it's possible to live in a house or apartment by a bold modern architect, to own furniture and products that are exceptionally well designed, and still be a regular human being. We think that good design is an integral part of real life. And that real life has been conspicuous by its absence in most design and architecture magazines.

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Buddha Statues in Malaysia Seen Moving and Emitting Light

Several Buddha statues in the Pu Xian Service Center of Kuala ... and sound like they are from another dimension,” he told Guang Ming Daily. Chew also said that a statue located outdoors has been seen levitating a foot above ground, but because the ...

Preparations under way for Wesak Day

“It is made for outdoor usage and can resist heat. The reclining Buddha will replace the existing statue after the festival,” said Tan. The reclining Buddha, with intricate Burmese designs, is surrounded by 108 disciples. CBL president Liew Chang Huat ...

Art Inspired Backyards: Redesigning The Great Outdoors

Beyond garden gnomes and meditative Buddha statues comes a new direction in outdoor art in the form of sculptures, water features and 3D wall art. Outdoor art installations and sculptures have been complementing community gardens and serving as landmarks ...

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The Freer and Sackler galleries to reopen with a two-day festival and new exhibits After extensive renovations, the Smithsonian's museum of Asian art — comprising the Freer and Sackler galleries — reopens this weekend with a two-day “IlluminAsia” festival and a range of new and revamped exhibits. The intimate Freer Gallery of Art

SEVA Kitchen: Bringing flavors of the world to Billings The red metal chairs in the outdoor courtyard beckon to passersby. Even though we settled inside, the entire west wall windows But Buddha statues tucked in coveted spaces interject some Zen. Executive Chef Josh Cannon bared the words “COOK THIS” 

How to hack your brain and get your flow on (for $5000) As he paced back and forth in front of an altar bearing shiny Buddha heads, Wheal talked about the perils of information overload in our content-rich era. “A literate person in the European Middle Ages,” he said, “consumed the same amount of content in

How to hack your brain and 'upgrade' your nervous system - for $6757 EDEN, Utah (NYTimes) - One morning last month a group of roughly 60 people, including doctors, CEOs and internet entrepreneurs, gathered under a big white dome to hear the mission statement of their host, a 45-year-old man named Jamie Wheal.

Fall Colours . . . in China Dozens of grottos carved into the rock and painted a deep burgundy, now faded, house 513 statues of Buddha, some larger than life size, others as small as 30 centimetres. Although almost all have suffered major damage over the centuries, and

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