Plane Travel With a Two Year Old??

gourmetkid says:

What are some ideas to keep an active two year old busy on a plane trip that are not terribly disruptive to other passengers? He probably won't keep head phones on to watch a video.

τυηιsιαη βεΙΙε says: 've been flying internationally and domestically with my children since they were 2 months (now 7&5). At least three trips a year are the children and I traveling internationally alone. Here are...

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Syncing calendars between Mountain Lion and Snow Leopard

He writes: I have an older Mac on a local network that is still using Snow Leopard – so it’s incompatible with ... all you have to do is launch your web browser, travel to your Google home page, select calendars, choose a calendar you want to share ...

The experts' guide to summer: From getting fit for the beach to recreating that Olympic buzz

Also, unless you're leaving the UK, don't go in without one ... since almost every choice will have been made for you. The Moses basket, the blue Bugaboo, the Hayley Westenra lullaby album – heck, go the whole distance and take the name, too.

Dhahran women push the veil aside

Al-Huwaider's loose-fitting dark-purple ... black robe and gold veil in her office in the coastal city of Jeddah, she lists what women are forbidden to do without guardian approval. She and others point to active women in Islamic history; one wife of ...

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Activists sound alarm over Russia's whale trade Whale and dolphin species like belugas and orcas are highly intelligent mammals who travel large distances and have complex societies. Unlike other animals, they are believed to live shorter lives in captivity. International controversies surrounding

Rumor: Disney may be working on a gondola transportation system Rumor has it Walt Disney World is trying to plan an overhead gondola transportation system that would connect several theme parks and resorts. Theme park fan site is reporting its users have translated several separate permitting 

Delta mauling puts focus on 'support-animal' rules ATLANTA — A harrowing dog attack aboard a Delta Air Lines jet in Atlanta has put a spotlight on the federal law requiring airlines to accommodate emotional-support animals. After traveler Marlin Jackson was mauled by a fellow passenger's lab mix

To My Son, In The Leopard Print One-Piece You look super swanky in that girl's leopard print bathing suit. You would make any mama proud, parading around in that thing like you were born in it. We were, of course, in our own backyard. When we went to a friend's to go swimming, you asked again

Tiffins redefines park food at Disney's Animal Kingdom If your idea of theme park food runs to burgers, funnel cake, and, on the high end, smoked turkey legs, Disney World's latest eatery may blow your mind — as well as your palate and your credit limit. Tiffins at Disney's Animal Kingdom redefines in

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