I have the Ab lounge Sport?

♫You hate Cuz I'm a RockStar says:

how many crunches should i do?.Ive been doing 100 everyday..Is that too much or not enough?.Im trying to tone my stomach more.thanx all.

kcfemme says: I have the Ab Lounger as well. Crunches alone will not tone your abs. It can build the muscle, but it will take cardio (raising your heart rate) to burn the fat in order for that 6 pack to be...

The wise Ab physical exertion You’re Not Doing

If you solicited abs you take off as well as crunches or sit-ups, hundreds commonplace, accurately? Or to Illustrate streak regarding on one of those sport balls organized for ab practice? what on earth about that ab lounge chair on telly? (attains that come as well as one or two cup holders? )

NO, and here’s why.

- Hundreds of crunches/sit-ups day after day will not acquire...



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Public open house to get feedback on plans for sports fields at CKC site.

Recreation and Sport Manager with the City ... Tonight's open house goes from 7-9 in the Legends Lounge.

Marshall: Hansen proving he's man for the job

I say this because I bumped into John Kirwan at the airport lounge in Dunedin. He was obviously disappointed ... Our biggest weapon is the game is at our AB fortress, Eden Park. The Rugby Championship will also be a greater challenge than last year.

Gidley out of Origin I with foot injury

"I was sitting at home, back on a lounge watching Origin again ... it'd been a while since I've done that," he said. "I got a few boys around to watch it and I was just like a fan again, watching the boys and supporting and screaming at the telly and doing ...

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Die Schlacht der Strategen Urs Kuratle verfolgt die 24 Stunden von Le Mans in der Porsche-Lounge. Weil er für seinen Job Die Entfernung und Positionierung hängt davon ab, aus welcher Richtung das Wetter kommt und wie schnell sich die Wetterzonen bewegen. Die Informationen 

Alexander der Große Lässig schlurfte er durch die Players Lounge; lächelnd, gut gelaunt. Auf den ersten Blick schien er es nicht eilig zu Darüber, wie cool und entschlossen er ab dem ersten Moment des Finales in Rom gewirkt hatte. So, als sei es das Normalste der Welt

5 Useless Workouts You Should Stop Doing Now Ab rollers, the Ab Lounge, Ab Circle, etc. If any of these actually worked, don't you think you'd see trainers and gyms spreading their gospel? Nobody uses these things, or 8-minute miracle workouts, because they don't work. Save your time and money

Almost gorgeous on the outside, totally sumptuous on the inside. Peugeot's new SUV is a real... lounge wizard Oops! I did it again, as Britney once purred. For the second time in as many months, I have put my cash where my column is and ordered a car as a direct result of having tested it for Event. This job is costing me a fortune. All hail the Skoda Superb

Final Four's Elevated Court Creates Some Issues GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Gonzaga coach Mark Few and assistant Tommy Lloyd usually carry on a running dialogue during games. That required some creativity Saturday during the national semifinal with the unique setup inside University of Phoenix Stadium.

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