whats a good ultra light action 2 piece fishing rod to buy?

Nathan E says:

i NEED a two piece pole because im going to travel with it. if i could get a link with the pole right there please. THANK YOU.

Swamp Zombie says: Backwater gets my vote for best answer. The only reason to own a 2 piece rod is for hardcore travel/backpacking purposes. Try to purchase a one piece rod if you can. Remember, a rod is only as...

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Bass Fishing Reel Rod Setup Help

As far as buying a setup, I like your approach; get the best you ... purpose" bait caster that 99% of anglers today start with and keep using is a 6'6" M/H casting setup with a 6.4:1 reel as it can do it all and is the "SUV" of bass fishing ...

For Sale (3) Bps (2 Piece) Rods, 2 Spinning And 1 Baitcasting

BPS , XPS Extreme , HM54 Graphite, 2 piece Spinning Rod. Was a spare rod, excellent condition. EXT66MLS-2, 6'6", Med Light Action, 1/16 - 3/8 oz. Lure Weight, 4-10 lb line ($50.00) + shipping BPS , XPS Extreme , HM54 Graphite, 2 piece Spinning Rod.

Okuma Fishing Okuma Nomad Spin Fly Travel Kit 13228667

fly spin rod IM 6 graphite for light weight and increased sensitivity ... Find, Compare, Read Reviews & Buy the Okuma Fishing Okuma Nomad Spin Fly Travel Kit 13228667 Online @ Yahoo! Shopping • Want to see your products in Yahoo! Shopping?

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Multi-species Rod for my truck I use a 2 piece Fenwick HMG 6'9 ml-f spinning rod as a travel/trunk rod. More between a ml and m power. Sensitive and comfortable. Biggest fish I have caught with this combo was a 4lb smallie and a 5lb catfish in light cover. I also use a 2 piece

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Nintendo Labo: Cardboard, Coloring, and Experiential Learning A multi-piece, telescoping rod complete with a real spinning barrel reel, this one was a slower and more delicate process. Cardboard components were reinforced with plastic fasteners, with strings and rubber bands providing the necessary tension, in a

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