whats a good ultra light action 2 piece fishing rod to buy?

Nathan E says:

i NEED a two piece pole because im going to travel with it. if i could get a link with the pole right there please. THANK YOU.

Swamp Zombie says: Backwater gets my vote for best answer. The only reason to own a 2 piece rod is for hardcore travel/backpacking purposes. Try to purchase a one piece rod if you can. Remember, a rod is only as...

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Bass Fishing Reel Rod Setup Help

As far as buying a setup, I like your approach; get the best you ... purpose" bait caster that 99% of anglers today start with and keep using is a 6'6" M/H casting setup with a 6.4:1 reel as it can do it all and is the "SUV" of bass fishing ...

For Sale (3) Bps (2 Piece) Rods, 2 Spinning And 1 Baitcasting

BPS , XPS Extreme , HM54 Graphite, 2 piece Spinning Rod. Was a spare rod, excellent condition. EXT66MLS-2, 6'6", Med Light Action, 1/16 - 3/8 oz. Lure Weight, 4-10 lb line ($50.00) + shipping BPS , XPS Extreme , HM54 Graphite, 2 piece Spinning Rod.

Okuma Fishing Okuma Nomad Spin Fly Travel Kit 13228667

fly spin rod IM 6 graphite for light weight and increased sensitivity ... Find, Compare, Read Reviews & Buy the Okuma Fishing Okuma Nomad Spin Fly Travel Kit 13228667 Online @ Yahoo! Shopping • Want to see your products in Yahoo! Shopping?

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Autumn's panfish harvest is upon us I have been using a long, soft action 9-foot spinning rod with 4-pound test mono and simply keeping the lure just above the tops of emergent weed growth with a slow, tantalizing travel. Strikes come in a couple of ways. For one, if you are on

Mountain Fork Creek I took the smallest hooks out of my father's tackle box and tied gaudy flies with sewing thread and feathers gathered from around the birdfeeder, made a fly rod out of a piece of switchcane, and fished for shiners in a small, clear creek near home

The 9 Best Ikea Purchases You'll Ever Make For John Vercelletto, a dad of three from Babylon, NY, this wardrobe solved two problems. "When my daughter was on the way, my wife and I had to quickly scrap a planned master bathroom with no closet and create a bedroom," he explains. This piece was

Samurai Cruisers travel rods INTRODUCING Samurai's new three-piece, 5'9” travel rods in two weight ranges in both spin and baitcasting, built specially for barramundi and cod. These are shorter travel rods for pinpoint accuracy, making them perfect for tight country, skinny creeks

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