FREE Senior Citizen Scooter?

Cool Breeze says:

Does anyone know of where I may get a free one donated for a 68 year old lady who's knees are crumpled? I am in the NYC area and will pick up. Electric 3 wheel scooter that folds to travel in a car. I will place an ad in your local newspaper to...

kyle w says: Free Power Wheelchair & Scooter Programs Good Works For seniors and others who meet need-based eligibility criteria: Senior Wheels USA (800-246-6010); Wishes on Wheels (800-823-6220); Three Wishes...

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CTM Mobility Scooters Available at

Finally, the CTM HS-320 Three Wheel Scooter is both fashion-forward and economical. This vehicle's standard features include a front headlight, swivel seat, basket and an adjustable tiller. The HS-320 travel scooter marries these features with smooth ...

"I Love My Scooter!"

Scooters range from small travel scooters that can be easily disassembled for storage in your trunk to the larger sizes that can carry you with confidence up those extra long hills. They come in three-wheel models with better manoeuvrability, or their four ...

The Muv-e Scooter: The Latest In Green City Travel

a squirmy three-year-old in arms). It folds up into a trolley on two wheels, making it a neat, portable package that can be stored in small spaces. The scooter is expected to be able to travel about the same speed as a Segway PT, between 20 and 25 mph.

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Lightweight eScooter rolls and folds last mile commute Folding electric scooter are certainly not in short supply these days, but many – like the Transboard and GoTube – make users stand for that last mile journey from train station to work. The eScooter from Allocacoc (the folks behind 2014's PowerCube

BYU football notes: Too early to put a timeline on Tanner Mangum's return Although the Cougars are 25-3 against the Aggies in their last 28 meetings, USU has won twice in the last seven years — 31-16 in 2010 and 35-20 in 2014 — and is considered a rival by BYU, the Cougars and Sitake said Monday. The winner gets control of 

Foldable 3-wheeled scooter shows a new direction in personal electric vehicles One new entry to the personal electric vehicle sector is from Mercane Wheels, a Korea-based manufacturer of "personal mobility products," and is a three-wheeled e-scooter called Transboard, which looks to fill the need for a more stable method of

Royal Enfield Himalayan gets performance upgrades and Ducati Multistrada inspired paint by Way2Speed It sports a three part Enduro quarter fairing, an aerodynamic high lift front fender, a carbon fiber windscreen, higher and more extended rear fender and custom handlebars which include knuckle guards with indicators. . Long suspension travel with

Three-wheeled electric vehicle to launch at $12000 Arcimoto's $12,000 three-wheeled electric vehicle prepares to launch. Jane Ross reports. △ Hide Transcript. ▷ View Transcript. This three-wheeled vehicle is the culmination of 10 years of work For Mark Frohnmayer. It's the Arcimoto SRK -- an all

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