FREE Senior Citizen Scooter?

Cool Breeze says:

Does anyone know of where I may get a free one donated for a 68 year old lady who's knees are crumpled? I am in the NYC area and will pick up. Electric 3 wheel scooter that folds to travel in a car. I will place an ad in your local newspaper to...

kyle w says: Free Power Wheelchair & Scooter Programs Good Works For seniors and others who meet need-based eligibility criteria: Senior Wheels USA (800-246-6010); Wishes on Wheels (800-823-6220); Three Wishes...

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CTM Mobility Scooters Available at

Finally, the CTM HS-320 Three Wheel Scooter is both fashion-forward and economical. This vehicle's standard features include a front headlight, swivel seat, basket and an adjustable tiller. The HS-320 travel scooter marries these features with smooth ...

"I Love My Scooter!"

Scooters range from small travel scooters that can be easily disassembled for storage in your trunk to the larger sizes that can carry you with confidence up those extra long hills. They come in three-wheel models with better manoeuvrability, or their four ...

The Muv-e Scooter: The Latest In Green City Travel

a squirmy three-year-old in arms). It folds up into a trolley on two wheels, making it a neat, portable package that can be stored in small spaces. The scooter is expected to be able to travel about the same speed as a Segway PT, between 20 and 25 mph.

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8 Reasons the KTM E-XC Is the Most Fun Thing on Two Wheels With zero emissions and kick-ass power, the KTM E-XC ($8,299) is a dirt bike that both Al Gore and Kid Rock could love. Available in Europe for the past few years, this first electric trail bike by a major motorcycle manufacturer to arrive on American

Foldable 3-wheeled scooter shows a new direction in personal electric vehicles One new entry to the personal electric vehicle sector is from Mercane Wheels, a Korea-based manufacturer of "personal mobility products," and is a three-wheeled e-scooter called Transboard, which looks to fill the need for a more stable method of

Intel Editorial: The Road to Our Driverless Future Runs Straight Through the City Yet that vibrancy loses its appeal when I'm behind the wheel of a car. In one city block, someone will honk at Most of today's self-driving cars – or cars with Level 3 conditional automation – have already shown they can safely travel long

What's It Going To Take For India To Go All-Electric On The Roads By 2030? Among the key players in this field is likely to be Chetan Maini, the founder of the Reva, India's first electric car. Maini's SUN Mobility is planning to build smart batteries for electric vehicles like cars, buses and scooters. Bringing down battery

Six new accessories to make that slog through the airport—and your trip—less stressful Each year in Las Vegas, the very latest in luggage, travel gear and on-the-go gadgets goes on display at the International Travel Goods (ITG) show. The closest thing to CES for jet-setters and frequent fliers, the show rolls Villagio of Miami's

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